Let‘s read in English 2016

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The Widow

We've all seen him: the man - the monster - staring from the front page of every newspaper, accused of a terrible crime. But what about the woman who grips his arm on the courtroom stairs – the woman who stands by him? Jean Taylor’s life was blissfully ordinary. Nice house, nice husband. Glen was all she’d ever wanted: her Prince Charming. Until he became that man accused, that monster on the front page. Jean was married to a man everyone thought capable of unimaginable evil. But now Glen is dead and she’s alone for the first time, free to tell her story on her own terms.

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Shylock is my Name

‘Who is this guy, Dad? What is he doing here?’ With an absent wife and a daughter going off the rails, wealthy art collector and philanthropist Simon Strulovitch is in need of someone to talk to. So when he meets Shylock at a cemetery in Cheshire’s Golden Triangle, he invites him back to his house. It’s the beginning of a remarkable friendship.

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The Gracekeepers

As a Gracekeeper, Callanish administersy
shoreside burials, laying the dead to their
final resting place deep in the depths of
the ocean. Alone on her island, she has
exiled herself to a life of tending watery
graves as penance for a long-ago mistake
that still haunts her. Meanwhile, North
works as a circus performer with the
Excalibur, a floating troupe of acrobats,
clowns, dancers, and trainers who
sail from one archipelago to the
next, entertaining in exchange
for sustenance.

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Sleeping Giants

Deadwood, USA. A girl sneaks out just before
dark to ride her new bike. Suddenly, the ground
disappears beneath her. Waking up at the
bottom of a deep pit, she sees a rescue team
above her. The people looking down see
something far stranger...The girl grows up to be
Dr. Rose Franklyn, a brilliant scientist and the
leading expert on what she discovered:
an enormous, ornate hand made of an
exceptionally rare metal, predating all
human civilisation on earth. An object
whose origins and purpose are perhaps
the greatest mystery humanity has
ever faced. Solving the secret of where it
came from could change life as we know it.

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The Lubetkin Legacy

North London in the twenty-first century: a
place where a son will swiftly adopt an old lady
and take her home from hospital to impersonate
his dear departed mother, rather than lose the
council flat. A time of golden job opportunities,
though you might have to dress up as a coffee
bean or put up with champagne and posh
French dinners while your boss hits on
you.A place rich in language - whether
it's Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian,
Swahili orhousing officers talking
managementese.Marina Lewycka is
back in this hilarious, farcical, tender
novel of modern issues and manners.

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On a dark, silvery moonlit night, Sophie is
snatched from her bed by a giant.
Luckily it is the Big Friendly Giant, the BFG,
who only eats snozzcumbers and glugs
But there are other giants in Giant Country.
Fifty foot brutes who gallop far and wide
every night to find human beans to eat.
Can Sophie and her friend the BFG stop
them? Let's hope so - otherwise the next
child a gruesome giant guzzles could
be YOU.

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The Girls

Evie Boyd is desperate to be noticed. In the
summer of 1969, empty days stretch out under
the California sun. The smell of honeysuckle
thickens the air and the sidewalks radiate heat.
Until she sees them. The snatch of cold laughter.
Long and uncombed haie. Dirty dresses skimming
the tops of thighs. Cheap rings like a second set
of knuckles. The girls. And at the centre, Russell.
Russell and the ranch, down a long dirt
track, deep in the hills. Incense and
clumsily strummed chords. Rumours
of sex, frenzied gatherings, teen
runaways.Was there a warning, a sign
of things to come? Or is Evie already
too enthralled by the girls to see that
her life is about to be changed forever?

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What happens when society wants you banged
up in prison for a crime your parents committed?
That’s the situation in which Ant finds herself –
together with her little brother Mattie and their
foster-parents, she’s locked up in a new kind of
family prison. None of the inmates are themselves
criminals, but society wants them to do time for
the unpunished ‘heritage’ crimes of their
parents. Tensions are bubbling inside the
London prison network– and when things
finally erupt, the kids realize they’ve got
one chance to break out. Everyone wants
to see them punished for the sins of
their mum and dad, but it’s time for
Ant to show the world that they’re not
to blame.

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Here I am

How do we fulfill our conflicting duties as father, husband, and son; wife and mother; child and adult? Jew and American? How can we claim our own identities when our lives are linked so closely to others? These are the questions at the heart of Jonathan Safran Foer's first novel in eleven years -
a work of extraordinary scope and heartbreaking intimacy. Unfolding over four tumultuous weeks, in present-day Washington, D.C., Here I Am
is the story of a fracturing family in a
moment of crisis. As Jacob and Julia
and their three sons are forced to
confront the distances between the
lives they think they want and
the lives they are living, ...

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Felix is at the top of his game as Artistic Director of the Makeshiweg Theatre Festival. His productions have amazed and confounded. Now he's staging a Tempest like no other: not only will it boost his reputation, it will heal emotional wounds. Or that was the plan. Instead, after an act of unforeseen treachery, Felix is living in exile in a backwoods hovel, haunted by memories of his beloved lost daughter, Miranda. And also brewing revenge.

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Swing Time

Two brown girls dream of being dancers – but only one, Tracey, has talent. The other has ideas: about rhythm and time, about black bodies and black music, what constitutes a tribe, or makes a person truly free. It’s a close but complicated childhood friendship that ends abruptly in their early twenties, never to be revisited, but never quite forgotten, either… Dazzlingly energetic and deeply human, Swing Time is a story about friendship and music and stubborn roots, about how we are shaped by these things and how we can survive them.

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Going Solo

As Penny starts the school year she's ready to face the world - alone. Noah has gone off the radar after ending his world tour early and no one, including Penny, knows where he is. So when she accepts Megan's invitation to visit her performing arts school it seems like an opportunity to make some new friends.Helping everyone else seems to be the right remedy. Elliot needs her friendship more than ever, and she meets Posey - struggling with stage fright and in need of support. But is charming Scottish boy Callum the right kind of distraction? And can Penny truly move on when Noah's shadow seems to haunt her round every corner?

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