Losing Hope (Hopeless 2) by Hoover, Colleen (2013) Paperback


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Gute, solide Colleen Hoover Literatur. Ich kann es absolut empfehlen, aber an meine Top 3 von ihr kommt es nicht ran.

— piamillefiori

Losing Hope was just absolute, beautiful perfection.

— Lonechastesoul
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  • I didn't just read this book, I lived it.

    Losing Hope (Hopeless 2) by Hoover, Colleen (2013) Paperback


    07. June 2016 um 01:58

    “It’s causing my hands to shake and my heart to pound and my chest to ache because all I want to do is wrap my arms around her and hold her and thank God we finally found each other again.” Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than Hopeless, Colleen Hoover proves me wrong! I loved that Losing Hope wasn’t just Hopeless from Holder’s POV... it was so much more. In Hopeless Sky told her side of the story, but this time, in Losing Hope we get Holder's side of the emotional journey. Holder hasn't had an easy year, to say the least. Fortunately he meets Sky and discovers that after all, he might not be completely hopeless. She might be the one to put him back together in so many different ways, because she was his past and she now could become his future. Holder and Sky are an amazing couple and this story is so well written and so freaking beautiful! I thought I already loved Dean with all my heart, but now I love him more. So. Much. More. I now understand every part of him. Everything he experienced, I went through it with him. Colleen Hoover is seriously talented. She has a way to tell a story like no other. I get sucked into her books- I can’t get enough. And the letters...Those letters were so emotional, they were the best part for me. So much of Losing Hope is new. It's not just an alternate perspective, it's actually a whole different part of the story entirely. But if you piece it together with Hopeless, you just get EVERYTHING. Losing Hope was just absolute, beautiful perfection. If you've read and loved Hopeless as much as I did, you will not be disappointed by this wonderful re-telling of the story! And if you haven't read this series yet, READ IT! And I promise you won't be disappointed either.

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