Thick as Thieves by Tali Spencer (2013-07-08)


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Mixture of weird fantasy, campy fun and a dark world with very damaged but over the top characters that still make a very real connection.

— Sakuko
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  • Over the top fun with a dark background and really sweet romance

    Thick as Thieves by Tali Spencer (2013-07-08)


    02. January 2018 um 08:42

    Vorgell the barbarian gets into deep trouble with the local baron by killing a unicorn and fucking it's horn. Those things are pricey, after all, and they dissolve into the body. So now Vorgell is perpetually horny and his body is magical, even though he can't use any of it.The baron puts him into a cell with his unwilling boy toy Madd, but Madd is a male witch and Vorgells magic blood allows the two of them to escape.But Madd is still wearing the barons slave collar, which makes him desire only the man he hates and Vorgell agrees to help Madd sneak back into the castle to get it off. Now, the premises is a really weird one, but the author manages to make more of it than just silly, campy fun. Ok, it still is campy and over the top at times, but the story and world actually make a lot of sense. The magic system is really interesting. The world is actually really dark, lots of rape, murder and cohesion (not from the MCs, but done to them) and all that, but it's mostly just between the lines and glanced upon, not minute descriptions, so it didn't feel to bad for me.I loved the characters. Vorgell's a crazy, battle and sex-hungry barbarian, but he's also a gentle giant, which sounds like trying to do it all, but actually works really well. He also prefers to bottom even though he's twice as big as most men. Madd's a hard, shifty little bugger, who's been hurt every which way to Sunday, so he hates about 90% of people, trust no one, but still kinda gets stuck with Vorgell. Despite all their differences, they just click, and it's pretty awesome.There's a lot of action and adventure mixed in with the romance though, but it's well paced and switched up, so I did enjoy that. I liked the fight scenes, they don't go on too long and are well described.

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