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Ulaila is a poet, researcher of reality and gardener of life. Her first two books of poetry appeared under her civil name Martina Hügli in 1998 (“Nicht gegen uns selbst immun”) and in 2000 (“am ohrenäquator”, both in Axel Dielmann Verlag, Frankfurt a.M.), next to other poetic and essayistic publications and translations from Russian and American. In 2002 a long writing pause began, led by the desire to return home into the poetry of reality. In 2016 a Dutch book appeared (Martina Hügli Boon, “Leven in wat je Doet”, Free Musketeers), arising from 14 years of work in which Martina accompanied herself and other women into a slower and more fulfilling life. Since 2015 she writes poetry again, exploring the mystic depth of existence. In 2020 a collection of poems appeared in German and in English language, “keine stütze als das entzücken” and “no support but delight” (both by tredition). In 2023 she a published a new book of poems in an English and German version, "startling twist" and "überraschende wendung", also at tredition. Martina, born in Switzerland, raised in England and Germany, lived in several European countries and in the US. She is married, a mother of two daughters and a stepdaughter, and lives in a village in the South of the Netherlands. You can find more information on www.ulaila.net.

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Cover des Buches keine stütze als das entzücken (ISBN: 9783347018501)

keine stütze als das entzücken

Erschienen am 19.05.2020
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no support but delight

Erschienen am 26.10.2020
Cover des Buches startling twist (ISBN: 9783347790100)

startling twist

Erschienen am 27.11.2022

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