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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Know-it-All“ von A. J. Jacobs

As an editor at "Esquire", AJ Jacobs had built up knowledge of celebrity trivia - and the cure was going to take a long time. While others read a broadsheet at the weekend, or become casual newsnight enthusiasts, Jacobs elected to read the "Encyclopaedia Britannica". Part assemblage of trivia, part journey through adulthood, this is fun to read.
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    The Know-it-All


    26. November 2015 um 02:37

    Ever wonder what the first word of the Encyclopedia Britannica is? Or how much useless trivia you can accumulate in one year while reading through all 33 volumes and 44 million words of it? If you did, A.J.Jacobs has all the answers. The Know-It-All is a quirky, humourous narration of a year spent reading every word about topics he had no idea existed, and trying to retain most of it in order to become 'the smartest person in the world'. Jacobs summarizes some of the obscure, ridiculous or downright fascinating entries, interweaving them with his experiences in trying to persuade people that he is, in fact, a very smart person - and sometimes failing miserably. At the end, the reader is left with a sense of awe at Jacobs' achievement, and may find himself considering, as I did, picking up (or rather: using a forklift to pick up) his or her own copy of the Encyclopedia in order to discover all which hasn't been covered by Jacobs in his book.

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