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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Contradiction of Solitude“ von A. Meredith Walters

You may notice me, but you will never know me. I prefer it that way. I am the daughter of a monster. Born from blood and lies. Dead before I have truly lived. But Elian tells me that I'm different. He tells me that I'm beautiful. That I'm an enigma wrapped in irresistibly complicated skin. Elian says that he loves me. These words terrify me. I can't trust love. Or hope. Or truth. Because I fear the beast inside. It threatens to drown Elian and his sweet, unconditional love. It's a beast that will destroy everything. **Reader Warning** There is NO warning. I won't tell you if there's a HEA, a cliffhanger, or a love triangle. Just read it and find out for yourself but please don't post spoilers. The fun of a story is figuring it all out!
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  • Uhhhh.....

    The Contradiction of Solitude


    28. September 2017 um 20:18

    Uh... This book was somehow a bit depressing...I love dark reads. I love psychological thriller but this one wasn´t really for me :/ Usually I´d summarize the book I read in my reviews but I won´t this time. I think you have to read it to make up your own mind. Also...I´m not really sure what to write. It´s a book about life and how fate can be cruel. It´s about how other peoples behaviour and words can affect you and make you the person you are /you become. It´s a book about mental health, torture, being hurt, being torn, the monster inside of and around you, about manipulation and emotional abuse. And it´s also about death. The Contradiction of Solitude was my first book by A. Meredith Walters. I already read that her other books are different so I will give her another chance ;) I liked the writing style. It was good.But unfortunately I couldn´t connect to the characters. I really, really tried to understand and analize them. While I couldn´t stand Layna from beginning till end, I kinda started to like Elian. Layna... Well... I hate her. She was sick. And instead of looking for help she blamed everyone else for the way she thought, felt and behaved. It was her DNA, it was her dad, it was her mother, it was her brother, it was the blood, it were the kids at school, it was Amelia, it was Elian, it was...the world. Everyone/everything else was at fault for her being the way she was. In her eyes everything she did was justified. She had an excuse for everything. The weird thing is that she seemed to be torn, that she didn´t want to be like that but at the same time she is exactly doing it. And I´m so mad that she got away with it. If she really would have wanted to be "normal", she just should have gone to a therapist. She didn´t, though , because she obviously loved her dark side. She loved being like her dad. I tried to understand her, to not be mad at her because she was "ruined" and sick... But the more I read the less it became possible to do it. I also hated her for what she did to Elian. SPOILER START For stalking Elian. For torturing and hurting him. For manipulating him and making him love her. For making him dependant on her and making him being obsessed with her. And for killing him SPOILER ENDIt was easier to like Elian. The one with his mask and the one without. The more I got to know about him, the easier it was to understand him. I´m so sad how everything turned out for him and that he let everything happen to him.When I was little I also thought stars were the ppl who had died and now were looking from up above and down to their loved ones. And I mean... it´s sweet to think like that. To believe that. Telling kids that. But Layna´s Dad turned it into sth bad. But I won´t go into it any further. There weren´t much surprises for me to be honest. The story and the characters annoyed me pretty fast. But I kept reading and hoped the book would end soon. I was bored a bit. The story had no real ups and downs. It started slow and kept the pace, which I´m sad about. And it was slow till the end. The book didn´t scare me or make my heart beat faster. I wasn´t excited or intrigued. There was nothing I was hoping for in a dark, psychological thriller :/ :( At times I was confused. Throughout the whole book questions popped up. Not all were answered though :/ I´m not happy with the way the book ended and also not with the epilogue. I was def. Team Elian and had hoped for him to have a different ending.This was not an easy book and it might not be a good book for somone who is currently emotional unstable . I don´t know. It´s just difficult/ different. You need time to process it, to think about it.Don´t let my review keep you from reading this book. Make up your own mind. Everyone has a different view on things :)

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