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Autor von The Girl in 6e, Kill Girl: Tödliches Verlangen und weiteren Büchern.

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Why so erotic?
teadrinkingreadervor einem Jahr


Genre: Erotic Thriller
First Published: 2013
Pages: 352

Deanna Madden hasn’t left her apartment in three years. It isn’t that she fears the world, but more that she is scared of what she would do to it. Deanna has the constant urge to kill, to slowly, brutally take the life of others. She knows that this isn’t just an abstract fantasy, as she has killed before.

So, she stays locked away from the world, earning her money from camming. When one of her clients’ fantasies make her sure that he is planning on hurting someone Deanne must decide whether she can supress her urges long enough to prevent a crime from happening.

So, to start off: It isn’t A.R. Torre’s fault that I gave The Girl in 6E such a low rating. I am just not the audience this was aimed at. I thought that this was going to be a thriller with a few steamy scenes (that would still be PG) included. Looking back at the summary on Goodreads, it should have been clear to me that I was heading for something different: ‘Enter a world of lies, thrills, fears, and all desires […]’. The Girl in 6E is fifty percent thriller and fifty percent erotic fiction that is too much erotica for me.

If you don’t mind explicit scenes, this thriller might still be for you. I found the main character Deanne Madden to be very intriguing. A twenty-one-year-old who hasn’t left her apartment in three years because she might kill someone? Sounds like an awesome premise. I found that part of the plot and the reason for her to consider leaving the safety of her apartment intriguing. The entire story was suspenseful and her interaction with various other people via the phone slowly introduced more and more of her character. I flew through the book because the pacing was on point and I was never sure whether rooting for Deanne meant I was rooting for the bad person.

But the erotica! Why oh why? I really could have done without it, but as mentioned before that is my personal reading preference.

I thought the ending of The Girl in 6E was a closed one, but apparently, it’s the first in the Deanne Madden series. I would really like to follow Deanne’s character and see how she develops, but I just can’t face the major erotic parts. The two genres do mesh together well and it’s not even random sex scenes that don’t add to the story, but I will still not be continuing this series.


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