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BEAST (Twisted Ever After Book 1)

BEAST (Twisted Ever After Book 1)

Erschienen am 16.05.2017

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One of my favorite books this year - loooved it
pieggyvor einem Jahr

4,75 Stars

I loved, loved, loved this book. I think it´s one of my favourites this year <3

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite Disney Movies and this book seems to be inspired by it. I don´t want to say it´s a retelling of the story, because it isn´t really. It has its own style and it´s different but it´s also so so good. It´s like a modern, sexy and darker version of Beauty and the Beast just without all the magic and it´s more real. I don´t know how to say it properly. You have to read it and make up your own mind about it.

There are two main characters in the book and they are Javier and Isabella.

Javier is a man whose life consists of pain and a program who trained him to be someone they thought he would be. His body and soul - tortured and full of scars. He is broken and dangerous. Now that he was betrayed by the one person who was like a father to him, Javi wants revenge. And who else is the better victim than Isabella?

Isabella is a superstar. Everyone wants her, especially now that her dad is missing. Everyone thinks they know and have a right to her. And because of that she is the one who is hiding more and more from those ppl. She is the one who is feeling lonely and empty. She doesn´t want that life anymore. And then... She was kidnapped. It took just one moment to have the life she hated changed to one she feared.

Javier knows how to get his revenge. He has a plan and knows what he wants to do. But this woman is doing sth to him he hadn´t expected. Something he doesn´t want but somehow craves.

Bella hates Javi and (almost) everything he is doing to her. But sometimes hate can turn to something else. The more time she spends with him and as his captive and the more she finds out about him, the harder it gets to fight him.

Can two broken and sad souls who met under such circumstances heal each other? Can hate turn to love? Will secrets be revealed and will the truth come out?

You definitely have to read this book!

My opinion:

I already wrote it above: I loooove this book. Really. I don´t think there is much I can complain about. I could connect to the characters and was able to understand what was happening and why. In some ways I could relate to them- mainly Javi. There were no questions left and I think it´s the first book in a while that didn´t had grammar or spelling mistakes. I don´t remember to have seen one. That´s def. a plus point.

I really enjoyed reading this book and couldn´t put it down. There were two scenes that almost made my heart stop. The first time I knew it can´t be real so I just kept going, but for a second I thought: "If that´s true then I won´t like the end". :P And then at the end in the hospital and together with the epilogue, I just thought: "No way. It can´t be. There will come a scene with her. There has to come a scene with her". ;)

I loved reading the thoughts of Javi and Bella. The way they leaned and changed. The turmoil and how confused they were. They were so real and human. I really like them both.

Loved the writing style as well. This was my first A. Zavarelli book and now, because of this book, she has a new fan :D

There are only two things I have to complain about. The first is the missing page numbers in the paperback. I need those because I´m always checking them to see if I´m on the right page and that I didn´t accidently turned two pages instead of one. The second is what Javi called Isabella. "My Bella" or "My Sweet". To me it sounded like a grandpa is talking. But I tried not to let it bother me too much.

I hope I´ll be able to read more of this couple one day. :) I know it´s Beast #1 but at the moment I have no idea if Beast #2 will be about the same couple or maybe about River? I guess I have to wait and see. I just hope I won´t have to wait too long ;)

All in all- I loved this book ( Can´t say it often enough) and can recommend it :) 


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