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Inhaltsangabe zu „Pulled (Torn Book 2)“ von A.F. Crowell

ER nurse Leila Matthews can imagine no love more soul-searing than that she found with her friend, Jaxon Henderson—until the passionate return of Brody Davis, the father of her soon-to-be-born child. Sexy, emotional and intense, Pulled, can be read as a stand alone novel or as book two in the Torn series. NEW BEGINNINGS E.R. nurse Leila Matthews’s whole life turned upon one single sentence: “Brody, I’m pregnant.” What she thought would be the happiest day of her life became a nightmare as she was abandoned by the father of her soon-to-be-born child. If her friend Jaxon wasn’t there to pick up the pieces, she couldn’t have coped. Then what had started out as a deep and abiding friendship became a soul-searing love. Yet, while Jaxon is the man of her dreams, Leila doesn’t want her child to grow up not knowing its father. The situation, a triangle involving tortured pasts and unstoppable passion, will test everyone involved. Both suitors will seek forgiveness for terrible mistakes, and Leila will soon be pulled between two powerful men: a handsome CEO who owns all he surveys, and an ex-soldier whose M.C. teeters on the brink of the unforgivable. Leila must choose the man who is perfect for her future…and for the future of her child.
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  • Def. Better than the first book

    Pulled (Torn Book 2)


    02. November 2015 um 19:18

    The Book: This book is the 2nd one in this series and should better be read after the first part as it´s not a standalone. The story continues where it ended in book 1. This time the book was written mostly in Leila's point of view. But it also shows the ones by Jaxon and Brody (although Brodys parts/ views were limited). The story: Leila Matthews finds herself in a situation no woman would want to be in- pregnant with the child of a man who dumped her just after he got the news. Heartbroken, Leila asks Jaxon, the man Brody hates, for help. Without hesitation Jaxon does what he´s asked for and not only this- from now on he´s always at her side, helping and taking care of her and the baby. With time their friendship turns to love. But then, when you plan your future and thought you are happy, everything changes. Not only one but both man give Leila a hard time and when she was hurt and left alone again in a time when she needed love and support the most, Leila has to think about what´s best for her and the baby. And because that´s not enough she finds herself in a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. What has caused Leila to be unhappy again? Why and who hurt her? Will she be able to forgive? Why was she forced to go and to stay in the hospital? Why is she so confused about her feelings for Jaxon and Brody? Which man will she finally choose? And again- I won´t tell. Read this book if you want to find out :D My Opinion (Spoiler): This book was soooo much better than the first. It really felt like the authors writing style improved with the second book. I loved reading this book and if it wouldn´t have been 2 am then I probably wouldn´t have stopped reading until I finished it. The pace of the story wasn´t, instead to book one, too fast. It was exactly right in my opinion. I honestly don´t think that this book had much I didn´t like. There are just two things I hate: 1. I hate t o wait for book 3. Half a month is too long to wait and I don´t want my love, I currently have for this book/series, to lessen until then. I hate waiting :P 2. I hate that I still can´t decide if I´d rather see Leila end up with Brody or with Jaxon. I love both guys. Both are assholes from time to time and have their flaws obviously but Jaxon was so sweet, loving and caring and Brody- he´s never been in love before and even before they knew about the pregnancy, he could imagine to spent the rest of his life with Leila (He gave her his mothers jewellery, which was meant for the love of his life). And after he realized that he´s lost her and tried to win her back, he was also very caring and sweet. Really I can´t decide which guy I like more. I just hope the author isn´t killing one to give the others their happy ending. That would suck. I hope there´s a way for everyone of them to be happy, although I have no idea how that´s possible... Argh I want books 3 asap and find out :D

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