A.L. Albino Princess Alessa and The Frog War


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Princess Alessa and The Frog War“ von A.L. Albino

Princess Alessa of Nantizia has just turned sixteen and disguised as a gift her evil sister assigns her three insipid young girls to be Alessa’s ladies-in-waiting: Ava, a skinny, sickly-looking brunette with dark puffy eyes and chronic nose congestion; Dora, a short, fat blonde with red cheeks and thin eyebrows; and Adele, the oldest, who is best-case scenario, a cute brunette, but only as long as she doesn’t smile. The girl has really small teeth and her smile is gummy. To make matters worse, Ciro, Alessa’s best friend and true love, proposes to her evil sister, and she accepts him. Life in Nantizia gets a little more interesting with the appearance of a mysterious Gypsy Circus. The main attraction is Erwin, a talking frog who not only can talk but can also predict the future, and what a future: a great conspiracy threatens the swamp kingdom and its royal family. Follow Princess Alessa and her friends as she travels through many lands encountering warlocks, pirates, kings and astrologers along the way to save her kingdom.
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