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Cover des Buches Darkness & Discovery (The Bespelled Trilogy #2) (ISBN: B00ATSKNBO)

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Book #2 doesn't disappoint! :)
Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzervor 11 Jahren

After the exciting (and life-threatening!) events of book #1, Lu(na), Alastair and Joey allow themselves a much-needed period of rest. The small makeshift family celebrate an idyllic and blessedly uneventful christmas, but the peace and quiet don't last long - after all, the order is still after them and Alastair has yet to get back his memories. And one of the things he has forgotten has the potential to destroy his and Lu's relationship - or even to endanger her life. That Bryn manages to accidentally split his soul from his body in a drunken stupor doesn't improve the situation... But help and support comes from unexpected places when enemies turn to friends.

In my opinion, this book is a very satisfying read, as good or even better than the first! The main characters are fleshed out and gain even more depth, showing previously undisclosed facets and traits, relationships are explored in more detail, and the plot stays thrilling and suspense-packed.

The characters are believable and likeable; even those who aren't exactly what you'd called good people, like Alstair's obsessed Sire, make you care about them. And it's been a long time since I last liked a character as much as I love Bryn!

I'm looking forward to book #3 - not least because this book ends with one heck of a cliffhanger!

Cover des Buches Magic & Memory (The Bespelled Trilogy #1) (ISBN: B007YV3686)

Rezension zu "Magic & Memory (The Bespelled Trilogy #1)" von A.L. Larsen

Interesting YA paranormal romance
Ein LovelyBooks-Nutzervor 11 Jahren

The winter is harsh. 17-year old Luna Rae Harper (who much prefers to be called 'Lu') lives alone in a remote cabin in the mountains, a good deal away from town. When she takes in a badly injured, confused boy to save him from the cold, little does she know that she has just thrown open the door to a world where vampires, werewolves and angels are real...

The book is a solid read. It has likable characters (I especially loved Bryn, the eccentric warlock) and a plot that you haven't already read a million times before, so it's interesting up to the very end. I'll definitely read the rest of the trilogy!

My only criticism is that I don't really "feel" the romance between Lu and Alastair. Maybe because it starts at such an early point in the story and then is more or less established for the rest of it. But even that didn't take away much from my enjoyment of the novel.

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