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Cover des Buches Race the Darkness (Fatal Dreams) (ISBN: 9781492639176)

Race the Darkness (Fatal Dreams)

Erschienen am 04.10.2016

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Cover des Buches Race the Darkness (Fatal Dreams) (ISBN: 9781492639176)ViEbners avatar

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Race The Darkness Review by Vi
ViEbnervor 6 Jahren

OH MY GOD what a phenomenal book. A must read for everyone who loves to read contemporary romance with a dark side and perfect created main characters.  

Xander hears this voice since years. A female voice who begs him to come and free her. One day, after a rough day at the office, he decides to drive where his head is leading him and finds two women in desperate need of help. But freeing them is only the beginning. Because one of them keeps a dark secret no one ever should know; especially not Isleen. But Isleens ability to look into the future, is something someone doesn´t want her to do. And that someone would rather kill her instead of believing that she does something good with it.

Abbie Roads has a special way to tell a story. Blunt, naughty, humorous and dark at the same time and with some very hot scenes in it - yes, her writing style is quite something.

She uses words I didn´t even know that exist and with that I mean she has such a huge vocabulary, such a way to use it that it sounds always perfect and natural. She goes beyond anything you can imagine and is still on the good side with her plot, her characters and how they feel and act. Her writing is simple but effective. No word too much, none too less. She describes with a few words a beautiful landscape, an intense scene or how a character looks. But mostly you get to see them through their actions. She doesn´t use any platitude or kitsch and has a modern touch in it.

Written in the personal narrative perspective you get to know what Isleen and Xander think, how they feel and why they do what they do. There is a deep romance in this novel, a love so deep and resisting everything that is bad or evil that you get really touched by it.

In Race The Darkness the author brings a well-done mix of religious madness, devotion born out of the loss of the one and only love and what the denial of a child can do to it. Oh yes, Abbie Roads uses everything dark to come up with a beautiful, entertaining and diversified plot where you won´t miss a thing.

Abbie Roads has created some very dark but profound figures. They all have some kind of torture or hell lying behind them or they are still in it. Some of them are just mean, weak and have no spine at all.


Isleen is even after all those years in cruel torturous captivity blessed with a strength and view of the world that is only stunning. You would expect anything else under normal circumstances, but not Isleen.


Xander is frankly said a man who likes being alone. He can´t control what he hears and when you hear every noise the world has to offer, you are in danger to go nuts. He is a man who has a certain kind of humor, oh yes, he doesn´t give a damn about what others think about his way of doing his job and he doesn´t give up. Never.


This novel is, without a doubt, a real page-turner. After I had finished it, I was literally shaken to the core. Shocked, thrilled, in tears, happy and completely speechless. Yes, Race The Darkness has left quite an impact on my with its emotional rollercoaster. You have to read it! Highly recommended.


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