Abigail Strom Waiting for You (A Contemporary Romance Novel)


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    Waiting for You (A Contemporary Romance Novel)


    05. March 2013 um 12:31

    Abigail Strom Waiting for you English E book The third book about the Landry family. It was her 16th birthday and her first kiss as a teenager. Erin Shaw still remembers how she fell in love with the boy who gave it to her, Jake Landry. But Jake left the next day for joining the Army and she never saw him again. Now, 11 years later, she happens to meet Jake on her friend`s wedding and still feels really attracted to him. But Jake apparently has changed a lot. After spending years between the war lines he feels empty and numb inside and not able to build up any relationships. So Erin, still a virgin up to then, decides that a relationship based on body attraction is not what she wants as long as Jake can`t love her in return. She is satisfied that Jake is leaving for a longer trip so she might forget about him. But for a special reason her schedule is screwed up. Easy-to-read, heart aching story with a somehow stereotype plot and a predictable happy-end. Nice book for reading in-between, 3.5 stars

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