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Flat and boring, no sizzle, no fun
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As James' father is found out as one of the traitor lords who plotted to kill the king, James is left to deal with the aftermath of his father's suicide and the suspicion of being involved in the scheme himself.
With the help of his childhood friend and butler to his late father, Daniel, he's trying to find out who his fathers messenger was, to avoid being implicated himself.

This is not a horrible book, but entirely unremarkable. The writing is decent, no big mistakes, nothing jarring. It's an easy read and keeps you going, but it's just boring, if you stop to think about it.

The MCs are quite flat, without much character or any interests, and there is not one lick of chemistry going on between them. Most of the romance is just in their heads.
For the first third of the story, they just act like Master and butler, even though quite friendly, then one of them is in prison for a big chunk of the book and then they immediately jump to the overdone endearment phase. There is just no heat, no sizzle at all. Even the sex scenes feel boring, done and passionless.

The mystery is pretty strange too. I assumed with a plot to kill the king their would some actual danger, high stakes, something. But the book never managers to get a sense of dread going, even though someone is in prison and it's descried as pretty horrible.
I just thought the whole thing was badly thought out. A traitor kills himself, and they never send any police to check it out, search his house, look at the corpse , find evidence? Really?
Evidence against James and Daniel was quite frankly also flimsy, at best. So the butler was at all the parties the lord gave? How unexpected. The son too? No, really? *roll eyes*
Then there is the entirely silly happy end. The amount of accepting people at that time must have been staggering to make that happen.

It's just that pretty much nothing in this book feels realistic or plausible. Not the romance, nor the investigation nor the supporting cast. It's an easy, brainless read if you just want do have something light to fill some time, but other than that, I can't recommend it.


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