Adolf Hitler My Struggle Donald Trump edition of Hitlers original book Mein Kampf: Make America Great Again


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Inhaltsangabe zu „My Struggle Donald Trump edition of Hitlers original book Mein Kampf: Make America Great Again“ von Adolf Hitler

The PixelHELPER Artist Collective, a non-profit international organization for minorities and human rights, has created an updated version of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” with Donald Trump as the imagined protagonist. The fictional autobiography follows Trump’s path from a young child in New York to a powerful American businessman and politician. In this parallel history, Trump starts a coup after the election, similar to the Beer Hall Putsch started by Hitler and the Nazi party in Munich in 1923, is arrested, and then sent to jail. He founds the American Nationalist Party, which is based on ideas of racial and religious purification, creating enemies out of Mexicans, Muslims, and anyone who threatens his nationalist world-view. The goal of writing a new version of “Mein Kampf” from Trump’s perspective was to increase awareness of the similarities of the ideas that both Trump and Hitler espoused. It is a different time (1930s vs. today), a different country (Germany vs. the United States), and a different enemy (Jews vs. Muslims), but the concepts are the same. Trump has already given us a glimpse of the dangers his administration could pose to the United States and the world through his speeches and tweets. The American president has a tremendous amount of power and influence over not only American citizens, but also over all people on the planet. A Trump presidency could mark the start of a slippery slope from racism and prejudice to something sinister which we cannot yet imagine. If this updated version of “Mein Kampf” can highlight the parallels between Trump and Hitler, then PixelHELPER will have succeeded in spreading an important warning to the American people.

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