Adriaan Bekman The Human Creation


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Human Creation“ von Adriaan Bekman

What induces someone to write a book like this one? What underlying motives are there? Why has it been done in this way? These questions are not easy to answer. After all human actions are not only driven by conscious motives and impulses. Much takes place from an area or process unknown to man him self. Still I would like to start by trying to render insight into how this has occurred and I will do this in the hope that the reader will continue to internally follow the reading process because he is to some extent aware of the author’s motives. I have advised organizations and their directors in their questions of human and organizational development for over forty years. After my sociology and business administration study I coached military staff that had to upgrade the didactics of army schools. In some thirty schools similar themes were taught in completely different ways. The question was: what are good didactic fundamentals for effective and meaningful training of militaries? I advised some hundred older officers who were in fact redundant on setting up and undertaking research, developing programs, studying new didactic forms of learning and such. All this took place under the inspiring guidance of younger well-trained professional officers. Here I experienced how change can occur in the inner world of people with outspoken fixed opinions and what resistance this causes. It is useless to try and convince others; they have to experience themselves what it means to change the way they were used to doing things.

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