Sold to the Mob Boss (Erotic Romance)

von Adriana Rossi 
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Sold to the Mob Boss (Erotic Romance)
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Inhaltsangabe zu "Sold to the Mob Boss (Erotic Romance)"

When Jamie's father gets in deep with the New Jersey mafia, he gambles a wager that he ends up losing and sells his daughter's body to the boss, Tony. While her father tries to come up with the money, Jamie attempts to seduce Tony, who lets her in on his plan: to impregnate her as soon as she is his. Warning! This 8,170 word story contains sexually explicit scenes. Part II out now! Excerpt: "If he doesn't come up with the money, I'll keep you." A grin momentarily lit up his face. "You know he won't come up with the money! He's getting out of town right now. I guarantee it." Jamie froze as he approached her chair and set his glass on the table. She could feel the heat emanating from him as he grasped the head of her chair and leaned close enough so that she could the stubble of hair on his face. His breath was sweet, and Jamie knew if she turned her head ever so slightly to the left, their lips would touch. A tingle ran through her pussy at the thought of his lips crushed against hers. She imagined the taste of whiskey on his tongue. "If he doesn't come up with the money in time, the first thing I'll do is get you out of those tight clothes." It was as if he was on fire. Jamie felt heat flushing her skin, everywhere from her face to her groin where her pussy screamed for attention. She looked at him, but his gaze was transfixed down her neck to the cleavage nestled in her tank top. His finger slid under her bra strap, grazing across her skin. He pulled on it slightly and moaned when her tits bounced. "Fuck," he breathed. "Your dad knows me too goddamn well." He pulled away and Jamie felt the absence of his heat as if she was thrust into an ice-cold room. 


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