Adrienne deWolfe Texas Outlaw (Wild Texas Nights, Book 1)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Texas Outlaw (Wild Texas Nights, Book 1)“ von Adrienne deWolfe

Fancy Holleday has more nerve than the average cardsharp. No man can resist her smoky voice and violet eyes—and that includes the federal tinstar, Cord Rawlins. Cord may have tracked her all the way to Texas to recover the U.S. minting plates that she stole, but the Nevada penitentiary is a long ride north, giving her plenty of time to charm, seduce, or just plain outsmart the handsome Texas lawman. Deputy U.S. Marshal Cord Rawlins is sworn to bring renegades to justice—including the brazen lady train robber who turned the tables on him near Carson City. Tracking Fancy down is Cord's job, but resisting her persistent persuasions is a matter of personal honor. With Fancy's life in his hands, Cord begins to wonder if his clever prisoner is really as shameless as she pretends. Could her wicked smile be hiding a desperate secret—one that can steal his heart? AWARDS: Rita Finalist, Best First Book, Romance Writers of America Rita Finalist, Best Historical Romance (under 100,000 words), Romance Writers of America Finalist, Reviewers Choice Award (Best Debut Novel), Romantic Times Magazine Winner, Honey of a Heroine Award, West Houston Chapter, Romance Writers of America REVIEWS: "Texas Outlaw is a real triumph. Adrienne deWolfe is a brilliant author." ~Literary Times "Funny, fresh, fast-paced and romantic, Texas Outlaw is an entertaining read." ~Susan Wiggs, National Bestselling Author "Adrienne deWolfe's writing is clever and unconventional... guaranteed to please." ~Pamela Morsi, National Bestselling Author WILD TEXAS NIGHTS in series order: Texas Outlaw Texas Lover Texas Wildcat
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  • Fast-paced and gripping story

    Texas Outlaw (Wild Texas Nights, Book 1)


    17. May 2016 um 23:09

    This was my first book by Adrienne deWolfe but defintely not my last! I really loved the story and I loved how Cord little by little conquers Fancy and shows her another way to live - and of course I also love how Cord falls for Fancy, bit by bit or rather - page by page. Okay, back to the beginning, where Fancy Holleday, a young and rather remarkable woman, is part of the gang robbing the train protected by Marshal Cord Rawlins. When he has finally tracked her down, he realizes that that might have been the easy part of his job. And even if he gets her back to the Nevada penitentiary, will he be able to let her go?Fancy is very sweet and despite all her wordly knowledge rather innocent and the more you get to know her the more it is not just Cord who falls for her but the reader falls for her as well. At least I did. Completely, absolutely. And the more I learned about her life the more upset (and furious) I got and the more I just wanted her to be happy and have her dream come true. Every time Diego Santana, Fancy's "fiancé" and the leader of the bandits robbing the train, entered the picture, I was angry and afraid that somehow, something....well, let's just say that he wasn't my favorite guy and I didn't like the way he treated Fancy. At all. Enter Cords brothers, Zack and Wes - amazing characters, wonderful brothers (most of the time at least when they are someone else's brothers...)  and their aunt Eulalia, a strong and very determined woman with a very big heart.A bunch of amazingly complex and authentic characters, a lot of heartbreak (and handkerchiefs), hope, blossoming love and a Marshal trying to do the right thing, create a fast-paced, emotional and thrilling story that keeps the reader captivated till the end.

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