Agatha Christie Murder on the Orient Express


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Agatha Christie's most famous murder mystery, reissued with a striking new cover designed to appeal to the latest generation of Agatha Christie fans and book lovers.

Spannend + ein richtig guter Schreibstil!

— Thesulu

Besser als ich erwartet hätte und toller Schluss :-)

— AlinchenBienchen

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  • A classic - Agatha rocks!

    Murder on the Orient Express


    Hercule Poirot has just solved a case in Syria and is in the mood for a short holiday, but unfortunately he’s called back to London in an urgent matter. The fastest way back is the Orient Express but to everyones surprise, the train is fully booked. Very unusual for this time of the year. Only luck and the intervention of an old acquaintance, Monsieur Bouc, Director of the train company, secures him a compartment on the train. The other passengers are a very curious mix of all kinds of people. A Russian princess, an Hungarian couple, a few Americans and a British colonel are just some of them. One of the Americans, Mr. Ratchett, who travels with his secretary Hector MacQueen and his valet Masterman, not only recognizes the detective but wants to employ his service for a generous amount of money. He’s sure that someone is out to get him and fears for his live. Poirot declines the offer, not liking the mans attitude and general appearance. Sensing some kind of evil in Ratchetts demeanor, he wants no part in his affairs. At night their journey comes to an end in Yugo-Slavia, practically in the middle of nowhere because the railroads are blocked by snow and the train has to stop. Come morning, Ratchett is found dead, murdered in his locked compartment. At once Poirot starts thinking about some strange occurrences from the night before who seemed irrelevant at the time. His friend, Monsier Bouc, fears for the reputation of his company and puts the investigation in the detectives hand. He wants the case solved, the murderer caught and ready to present him or her to the local police when the weather lets up. Assisted by Dr. Constantine, a greek doctor, who determines COD (stabbed 12 times in various angles and with different amounts of strength) and Director Bouc, Poirot starts his investigation by interviewing all passengers and the staff as well. It doesn’t take him long to determine, that Ratchett was a fake identity and that the victims real name was Casetti. A man guilty of murder, charged for the abduction and killing of a baby girl but because of a technicality he was never convicted. Wary of the possibility of lynch mob in the USA, Casetti changed his name and fled to Europe. As much as Ratchett or Casetti deserved what he got, Poirot takes up the challenge to find out who helped fate along and took justice in his or her own hands. “Murder on the Orient Express” is one of the well known Agatha Christie mysteries about the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. I’ve seen the movies of course, more than once and with different actors actually, but this is the first time I ever read the novel. And I love it! Agatha Christie has the gift to bring her characters to life in a unique manner, her plots never lose the red thread even though she uses lots and lots of details and facts.  I really had a hard time writing this review, because the story is so complex and clever constructed, I had no idea how to summarize a few bare facts that make sense without giving away too much of the plot or retelling the complete story in an amateurish way. Seriously, it took me days to come up with this and still I’m not quite satisfied. Anyway, here it is. Luckily, there are a lot more Christies on my to-read-list and I can hone my skills in the review department :D

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    05. September 2014 um 07:43
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    Murder on the Orient Express


    31. October 2012 um 08:52

    Dieses Mal muss Hercule Poirot im Orient Express herausfinden, wer den reichen Mr. Ratchett umgebracht hat. Die Polizei kann nicht hinzugezogen werden, da der Zug in der Nacht in einen Schneesturm geraten ist und seine Fahrt nicht fortsetzen kann. Folglich muss sich der Mörder noch im Zug befinden und es ist Poirots Aufgabe, diesen zu finden. Dabei finden sich auch viele Spuren am Tatort, die sich jedoch zu widersprechen scheinen. Außerdem haben alle Mitreisenden ein Alibi.... Dieser Fall von Poirot hat mir sehr gut gefallen, da ich das Ende überraschend fand. Der Aufbau des Romans ist schlüssig und "klassisch", da er ohne viel Blut und Sezierungen auskommt, sondern die Schlussfolgerungen auf den Zeugenaussagen aufbauen. Ein weiterer Pluspunkt war hier für mich, dass es auch sehr viele kurze Kapitel gibt, so dass sich das Buch gut auch in der Straßenbahn lesen lässt und man auf einer ca. 10 minütigen Fahrt gut ein Kapitel lesen kann, ohne dass man mitten im Kapitel aufhören muss.