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Agnieszka Paletta (née Mroszczyk) was born in Cracow, Poland, in 1978. When she was 9 years old, her family moved to Toronto, Canada. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a double-major in English and Criminology. Many jobs followed, both in North America and in Europe, with no sequential relevance or career logic. Prior to becoming a mother and an author she held numerous jobs ranging from waitressing to software implementation in fields varying from publishing to IT. Anything and everything in order to pursue adventure, travel and a restless spirit. Currently being a stay-at-home mom is her most important job, but it has also allowed her to pursue her dream of not just reading a mountain of books but actually writing them. Her first book, DOING GERMANY, became a bestseller on Amazon. The sequel is already out while the third installment is in the making. At present she makes her home in Wörth am Rhein, Germany, with her husband and children.

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Cover des Buches Doing Germany: Volume 1 (ISBN: 9781493545148)

Doing Germany: Volume 1

Erschienen am 16.11.2013
Cover des Buches Doing Germany: Book 2: Volume 2 (ISBN: 9781523871612)

Doing Germany: Book 2: Volume 2

Erschienen am 15.02.2016

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Cover des Buches Doing Germany: Volume 1 (ISBN: 9781493545148)

Rezension zu "Doing Germany: Volume 1" von Agnieszka Paletta

Review – Once upon a time in good old Germany
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Once upon a time there was a young Polish-Canadian girl who fell in love with a fellow from Germany. Or at least one living there. Despite all of her adventurous travels she’s done so far on her own, falling in love for a – sort of – German unravels itself to be her biggest task yet. But let me go back a little further. Agnieszka is a courageous woman who left everything behind – family, friends, work – for the unknown.

“Finding romance, adventure, yourself.”

For the adventure. She wanted to start anew. Not just live, but be alive and vibrant. Go to Italy and find herself drinking wine, enjoying the romantic assets of the Southern European lifestyle. Go to Poland to get back to her roots. Being out there, meeting lots of new friends, having fun. So she took off for Eastern Europe and eventually met the One. At that time, she was least expecting it. But falling in love moves mountains, changes lives. We all know that. So it comes as no surprise that the protagonist is giving love a try to bloom in moving to Germany with M. M. is the One – the constant in her everyday struggle to fit in where she never dreamt of going. He’s her anchor, her oasis of tranquility. Germany was never on her list. But then again: Most adventures come as an unexpected surprise. So comes living here.

I got this book as a review copy, which in no ways influences my subjective opinion on it. I – as a German who lived in the US for a few months due to work – found ‘Doing Germany’ enlightening and a fun read. I know about the struggles to blend in in a country that is so very different from your homeland. I know about the stereotypes that go with it – some of them you find to be true, others to be altered. I also have a family member who got married to a North American, so I’m sort of familiar with the tasks Agnieszka found herself faced with – just vice versa. Seeing her way of coming to Germany, getting to know our country was interesting. At some points it made me shrug and shake my head. For instance: She did not learn German. She gave it a short try, but that was it. German is a very tough language – I know. But that makes it even more important to learn it – to get along, to understand everything and to better connect with the people her. She also didn’t go out that much in her first two years here. She had some issues with her ligament though – but eventually you have to get out and explore your surroundings if you want to feel at home someplace else. If you want to feel you could belong. That’s not just her fault. M. was working much because she didn’t have a job here in the beginning. But with working much and coming home very late, it makes it hard helping a loved one to settle in. Only going out every once in a while, in the evening, is not enough to come to terms with a new place.

But other than these two points, it was a very nice and light-hearted read. You feel vibrancy and life in every word. She was trying the best she could. It just was very hard for her in the beginning. Reading her story on how she finally comes to fall in love with Germany – and she will! – was like a first impressions on our country and step by step solving the puzzle on the ever present struggle to settle in a foreign land. Of course in doing so, she was faced with many challenges (different language, unique food choices, huge expectations that turn into chastening findings, but also great surprises). And she took the reader with her while meeting those challenges. Reading the novel – or modern memoire, if you wish – was like talking to her. Letting her tell you her story, just the way she feels it. That was refreshing, different, entertaining and despite some minor spelling and grammar issues a very welcoming change. She has had good days – on which she found love in the very details of Germany, she has had bad days when she was missing her travel time and Canada. On those days she compared good old G to Italy – which she glorified in her memories. That’s understandable, but it was very hard for Germany to compete. But the more she gets to know our country, the less she compares it to another. Throughout the book you can watch her grow, widen her horizons and wage more.

Over all I can say that I enjoyed reading ‘Doing Germany’. It was fun learning about a woman who wants to pursue adventure, travel and live her restless spirit. It makes me want to travel more too. It creates wanderlust – you just have to be open-minded to read it, to forget about all the stereotypes you might have about a stranger coming to Germany and becoming a bit of a German herself. The author’s style of writing is easy, a little sharp, sarcastic every once in a while, but funny to the core. Her way of communicating with her loved one is mirrored in a snappy but also lovely tone – depending on the struggles she’s currently facing.

“At that, I did what any real lady would do. I showed him my tongue.”

It’s a page turning modern memoire – something like reading a very personal, but enlightening blog – about an immigrant that finds herself – because that is what the book is about: finding herself, finding a home – in a very unexpected place. It’s bitter and slightly frustrating, but also welcoming and joyful – the whole roller coaster ride of emotions, what you would expect to happen when you leave a life behind to make a new one. Exciting, thrilling and adventurous. I was curious to see how she came to know Germany, what her individual experiences were. There’s just one small criticism I need to put here: The book is mainly centered on Germany – that’s what you expect from its title at least – so it was a little too much of Italy in it for me. But maybe that changes with volume two.

To get you hooked:

·         Will she learn German?

·         What struggles will she find herself faced with in the novel and how will these impact on her relationship with M.?

·         Will she find what she’s been looking for with M.? (a.k.a. a home?)

They say: Home is where the heart is. And the book holds one giant surprise to make your heart belong to Germany – at least a bit and forever.

Go read and find it out yourself. ‘Doing Germany’ is a very entertaining and fun read – if you view it with an open-minded heart.

Recommend reading it – esp. when you find yourself settling for the unknown too.


Yours, Jil Aimée

Cover des Buches Doing Germany: Volume 1 (ISBN: 9781493545148)
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Rezension zu "Doing Germany: Volume 1" von Agnieszka Paletta

Hilfe! Was mache ich eigentlich in Deutschland?
Cuentamevor 8 Jahren

Der Inhalt:

Die reiselustige Autorin mit polnischen Wurzeln, die seit ihrer Kindheit in Kanada lebt und gerade in Polen arbeitet, beschließt nach nur ein paar Monaten zu ihrer Bekanntschaft nach Deutschland zu ziehen. Doch schnell merkt sie, dass sie nichts von der deutschen Kultur oder Sprache weiß und sich auch sehr schwer damit tut. In allen Alltagssituationen fällt ihr auf, wie anders Deutschland ist und wie schwer sie sich eigentlich integrieren kann. Doch schon bald stellt sich heraus, dass Deutschland nicht nur eine Station auf ihrer Landkarte ist, sondern schon bald zu ihrem Lebensmittelpunkt wird.

Meine Meinung:

Ich hatte dieses Buch sehr schnell durchgelesen, da es sehr lustig und kurzweilig geschrieben ist. Auch die englische Sprache stellte kein Problem dar, da der Schreibstil relativ umgangssprachlich ist. Schnell ist mir aufgefallen, dass sie immer wieder den Bezug zu Italien herstellt, wo sie auch für einige Zeit gelebt und gearbeitet hat, und es wird klar, dass sie viel lieber in Italien als in Deutschland leben würde. Bei ihren Beobachtungen ist weiterhin sehr auffällig, dass sie vieles in Deutschland merkwürdig findet und sich meistens kritisch äußert. Das erkennt man auch daran, dass sie bis zum Ende keinen Deutschkurs besucht und demzufolge auch nicht wirklich Fortschritte gemacht hat - und das nach 2 Jahren. Oft werden Aussagen oder Tatsachen für ganz Deutschland pauschalisiert, obwohl Bestimmtes nur auf einzelne Städte oder Regionen zutrifft. Doch man merkt auch, dass die Autorin sich selbst und den Umgang mich kniffligen Alltagssituationen mit viel Humor nimmt. So schwierig das Leben in Deutschland und die damit verbundene Umstellung auch sein mögen, hat Deutschland auch seine positiven Seiten wie den Schokoladenjoghurt oder die Aufkleber mit Babynamen. 

Cover des Buches Doing Germany: Book 2: Volume 2 (ISBN: 9781523871612)
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Rezension zu "Doing Germany: Book 2: Volume 2" von Agnieszka Paletta

Family rocks!
Ladylike0vor 8 Jahren

**R** "Doing Germany 2" - von Agnieszka Paletta


„In the sequel to the best-selling DOING GERMANY, Agnieszka Paletta picks up exactly where she left off. She is still a slave to chocolate and wine, still a Polish-Canadian-lover-of-Italy, still a grasshopper in a new country, Germany. Two years may have passed, but the moose-in-headlights persists as she continues to discover Deutschland. (After two years, what is there left to discover?) Ye, of little faith. Plenty and plenty and then some! And what's more, with many unexpected lessons that come with having a baby and owning a house. Ever an immigrant in a foreign land, Paletta will take you for a cultural spin as you explore Germany through her Polish-Canadian-Italian eyes. So just sit back and enjoy the humorous, witty ride. (And pour yourself a glass of wine while you're at it.)“


Bei diesem Buch handelt es sich um eine wahre Geschichte und die Autorin ist gleichzeitig auch die Protagonistin dieses Buches. Mit viel Witz und einem ganz eigenem Schreibstil, bleibt sich die Autorin auch in diesem Buch treu. Selbst nach zwei Jahren hat sie immer noch so viel zu erzählen über Dinge, die sie in Deutschland entdeckt. So schnell man sich auch manchmal in einem anderen Ort einlebt, man hört nie auf etwas Neues zu entdecken und das wird in dem Werk von Agnieszka nur allzu deutlich.

Was mir allerdings am meisten gefallen hat an diesem Band ist, dass während sich der erste Band noch hauptsächlich darauf konzentriert hat, was man in Deutschland alles entdecken kann und wie es ist in einem neuen Land anzukommen, so konzentriert sich der 2. Band aufs Bleiben. Normalerweise liest man Bücher über Menschen, die mutig genug waren umzuziehen oder mutig genug sind ihre Sachen zu packen und einen Neustart zu wagen. Gerade deswegen fand ich dieses Buch auch so erfrischend, weil es dieses Mal um eine Frau ging, die schon oft ihre Sachen gepackt hat und umgezogen ist und mutig genug ist, zu bleiben. Aus meiner Sicht ist es nämlich nicht nur schwer, immer wieder irgendwo neu anzufangen, sondern auch sich zu entscheiden, dass man sich irgendwo niederlässt. Ganz besonders, wenn man es gewohnt ist wie die Autorin durch die Gegend zu ziehen und zum nächsten Ort zu gehen, wenn man Lust darauf hat.

Wofür bleibt man am wahrscheinlichsten an einem Ort? Für die Liebe, die Familie! Da habe ich mich noch freudig auf einen weiteren Band voller neuer Entdeckungen in Deutschland eingestellt und wie es ist, meinen Alltag durch die Augen einer Entdeckerin zu sehen und bekommen habe ich so viel mehr. Dieses Mal wurde das nämlich alles verbunden mit einer süßen, lustigen Familiengeschichte. Selbst in dieser Kategorie hat die Autorin es noch geschafft, Vergleiche zwischen den verschiedenen Ländern aufzustellen, in denen sie gelebt hat. Allein was Bionahrung für Kinder angeht, Kindergärten und Schulsysteme. Da gab es immer wieder etwas Neues, was man selbst als Leser herausfinden konnte.

Auch dieser Band ist kein Buch, an dessen Seiten man vor Spannung klebt, aber es ist was Wunderbares für zwischendurch. Der Humor der Autorin ist wundervoll und man lässt sich immer wieder gerne fallen in ihren kleinen Anekdoten. Es ist total bewundernswert, an was für Geschichten sie sich aus ihrem Leben noch erinnert und einem damit ein Lächeln oder Grinsen ins Gesicht zaubern kann.


Agnieszka ist eine sympathische, mutige, interessante Frau, die einfach eine tolle Geschichtenerzählerin ist. Man erkennt sich in einigen Dingen selbst wieder, entdeckt neue Dinge über das Land, in dem man selbst schon Ewigkeiten wohnt und bekommt auch immer wieder Einblicke in die polnische, kanadische und italienische Welt. Ich schätze, in diesem Buch werden sich ganz viele Menschen selbst erkennen, die schon mal umgezogen sind und schon seit mehreren Jahren an ihrem neuen Wohnort leben.


„‘You’ll never change,‘ I noted.
‚Why should I? To conform to society?‘ he made a queasy face. ‚I’m happy as I am‘“

Gespräche aus der Community

Hello World! :)

Up for grabs is a copy of my first book, DOING GERMANY. Just a couple of weeks ago I published a sequel, DOING GERMANY: BOOK 2.  I hope whoever gets to read it will laugh a bit, think a bit, and enjoy it a whole lot. Afterwards, I would love to get a review on Amazon and LovelyBooks.

Happy Reading!
Agnieszka Paletta

*** #1 BEST SELLER***
DOING GERMANY is a series of books for those who are looking for an easy read and to laugh. This is the first book.

Agnieszka Paletta did what most of us only dream about doing - she quit her job, family and friends and travelled to live in a foreign country. And what's more, she did this more than once. Call it reckless or fearless, that is she.

This laid-back, entertaining book is the story of this Polish-Canadian-lover-of-Italy's move to Germany, a new frontier. Through her eyes, discover the curiosities of her surroundings; love some and gape at others, yearn for home, try to buy one, laugh with her and at her.

DOING GERMANY is travel writing at its best: a funny, irresistible portrait of Germany, set against the backdrop of Paletta's relationship and vigorous loyalties as well as her devotion to Poland, Canada and Italy.
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Hello, When I read the title, I knew that I had to apply for one copy of this book. Two of my colleagues are Canadian and they always wonder how people and things are in Germany and asking me questions such as "Why people are never smiling here?" or "Why is it so difficult to pay the check when you go to a restaurant?". I traveled a lot in my life and when I was 19 I quit my studies in Germany to go to France. There I also discovered a completely different culture and way of life. I think sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and see what happens.


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