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The bullet struck him high on the right side of the chest, spinning him round so that he looked, momentarily, into the terrified face of the doorman before his legs collapsed under him and he fell backwards on to the pavement. Then the sun was blocked by a figure leaning over him. He felt the barrel of the gun at his temple. November, 2003. The British Ambassador in Buenos Aires, Mark Wordsworth, is murdered on the eve of talks with the Argentine Government about the Falkland Islands. Were terrorists responsible? Or are there others who might have gained from Wordsworth’s death? His deputy, Jeremy Hawkins, hated him. But what of his widow, Ann, and her former lover, Julian De Crespigny, now Head of Foreign Office Personnel? Or Wordsworth’s successor, the apparently deeply devout William Grant? Also unclear is the role of the reclusive businessman, Angus Sterling, whose fortune is riding on a South Atlantic oil concession under threat from the negotiations. The police in Buenos Aires and London have made little progress when another death muddies the waters further. Adam White, Assistant Head of Security in the Foreign Office, sets out on his own independent enquiry under the watchful eye of his boss, James Carter. The trail takes Adam in search of the truth to Argentina and Chile and back to London before he makes his final, fateful return to Latin America. But Adam has not revealed everything about his past to his anxious lover, Alison Webster. What was his connection to Wordsworth..? Authoritative and gripping right up until the final shocking denouement, this debut novel by former diplomat Alan Hunt combines action and danger with perceptive insight into the nature of love and human fallibility. No Immunity is a riveting novel that will appeal to all thriller fans.
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  • Alan Hunt - No Immunity

    No Immunity


    10. January 2016 um 18:10

    In November 2003 the British ambassador is killed just outside his home by a professional assassin. A very dense moment during the talks between the governments about the Falkland Islands. Adam White, Assistant Head of Security in the Foreign Office, quickly finds traces that lead to Angus Sterling, a businessman whose fortune is closely linked to and endangered by the talks. But there seems to be more behind it and the longer the crisis with the South American embassies takes, the more private connections and interests become obvious. When the second ambassador dies, everybody comes under fire. A classic spy and diplomats novel in the well-known John Le Carré style. Diplomatic entanglements, individual interests and complicated plot with many twits keep you reading on. The characters are created in an authentic way that you can imagine they really exist, especially the behaviour and acting of the personnel of the diverse ministries and embassies seems to me quite logical and believable. Also the side plots about the ambassadors’ wives had some interesting insights to offer. It is easy to see that Alan Hunt knows what he is writing about and does not embellish life in a foreign country as an official representative.

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