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The dead work in mysterious ways. Morty Saggs is desperate when his wife, Glenda, turns up missing. But all evidence points to Glenda never having left the house. Soon, odd smells permeate the property, and sometimes the doorway to his bedroom burns a hideous red. Is Morty going crazy, or did the house do something with Glenda? Is there some connection to the house’s previous owner, a vicious murderer named Ted Lindsey? All of Morty’s questions will be answered on the night the burning doorway opens—the night when the trap is sprung.
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    The Doorway


    26. August 2015 um 06:58

    When I read the summary of the book, I had to order it rightaway and start reading. The beginning was creepy and suspenseful and I was eager to discover what lay behind that mysterious doorway - an ancient ghost? Some power or memory traces trapped in the house itself?. However, once the protagonists crossed the threshold, the story made a turn into a seriously bloody nightmare - quite literally. While I do enjoy gory stories, I was disappointed to read how a gripping premise turned into a mindless sequence of torture scenes, more or less boring dialogues, and an almost standstill in the plot. I really cringed each time the red light and its meaning was brought up again, because the more it was mentioned the more ridiculous I found it to be. At the end, I was disappointed by the solution, as there was absolutely no way to figure it out in some way, no small hints or anything - the author just threw in a new character. I would have loved for someone of the group to be the guilty one, though on the other hand that surely would have been too obvious. Unfortunately, this book did not work for me.

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