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The Aquatic Labyrinth: a Venetian mystery

The Aquatic Labyrinth: a Venetian mystery

Erschienen am 20.01.2014

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Good read
pieggyvor 3 Jahren

Info: Rezension wurde im Juni 2013 geschrieben und ist auf Englisch. Mittlerweile hat sich der Aufbau meiner Rezensionen geändert.


Thanks to the author Alastair Fontana, I was able to read this book for free.
The book itself is very interesting. While I was reading I sometimes thought of Leonardo da Vinci or Dan Brown. Leonardo da Vinci because he was such an intelligent person and one of the characters of the book felt like he could be inspired by him (Leone). Dan Brown because ... I don´t know. The book was so clever written and details seemed so good researched. Can´t really explain why I thought about Dan Brown while reading....

About the book:

It begins in 1966 when the real (and then told) story was discovered. The discovered story is based in Venice of the 18th Century.

The book is written from different point of views but shows mainly the views by following people:
1. Jacopo della Spina: He´s the main character of the book. The story is about what happened and what is still happening to him and the people around him.
2. Leone Da Modena: He´s a doctor and father of Zebulun. Both helped Jacopo a lot. Leone is also a friend of Sara.
3. Sara Sullam: She´s running a literary salon. Sara was later told by Leone to look for a labyrinth. And she did.
4. Veronica Franco: A courtesan/ prostitute who helps and later is involved in the life of Jacopo.

As mentioned above, the book follows the story of Jacopo who discovers with and because of his brother-in- law a killed man and becomes the victim of a political and religious plan of aristocrats. Together with his brother-in-law Piero Fasiol, he was accused of being the murder of not only one man. While Piero was arrested Jacopo run away and tried to hide and then tried to prove his and Pieros innocence. On his way he met Leone and with Leone´s son Zebulun he went on to find the real murder. In that time Leone explains to and shows Sara that something special is happening which he doesn´t completely understand and that all of them (Jacopo, Leone, Sara and Veronica) are part of it. He tells her which part is hers and that she has to find a labyrinth. So her research starts and brings her to the knowledge of all the different types of labyrinths existing. At one point Jacopo meets Veronica. She is the one who has the connections to aristocrats and helps to figure things out and also helps Jacopo to hide. At the End, Jacopo had to find out that nothing was as it seemed and that he was betrayed and trapped. He was the victim all the time. He had to fear for his life the whole time. He had until ....

Will Jacopo die or is he capable of proving the innocence of his and Piero? What about Piero? What is going on between Jacopo and Veronica? Will Sara find the labyrinth she has to look for and what is it about that labyrinth?
I´m not going to spoil so people have to read to find out ;)

The reason why I don´t rate the book higher (would have given it a half star more, but couldn´t do it here), although I found it very interesting, was that some parts and words were Italian which I don´t understand and just left me a little confused. I confess that it´s also my fault. I´ve just over read that there´s a “dictionary” and translation at the end but even then it would have been annoying to click back and forth. Guess I would prefer to have that book as a paperback so it would be much easier to check the words. It is the same with the map. It would have been easier to look at it when needed without leaving the page I was reading. What I loved were the little drawings on each chapter. So by and large I would recommend it.

Info: The author told me that he did some changes to the ebook so that it´s easier to check the words, etc...I haven´t checked that yet...


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