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Remnant (The Fates of Betrayal)

Remnant (The Fates of Betrayal)

Erschienen am 06.05.2017

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Again, a difficult start to get into the story, but after that - amazing
Artemis_25vor einem Jahr

Ah, why always the confusion in the first part of the books? It's frustrating and completely unnecessary because the second part of the story has been a pretty amazing read. I hope that the third installment of the series will be intriguing from the start. I don't know why it's so difficult to get into the story. I think I would have liked a more prominent guiding thread and smoother segues there. A more thorough introduction to the workings, customs and creatures of the Realm would have been nice, too, it came so abrupt when the situation called for it.
The turning point clearly has been when a character returned I thought had died. I couldn't put down the book then. The bigger picture became clearer due to some revelations, connections to loose ends of the first book. I could see again that there is more to the story one might first think, all because of the many layers the characters reveal bit for bit. To discover what motivates them to do the things they do has been a lot of fun, something I enjoyed in "Eternal Night" as well.
Sadly, there hasn't been that much Anna and Blake action. I still liked the yearning from afar. And the upcoming love triangle promises even more drama. I'm curious with whom, if at all, Anna will get together in the end and be happy with. Well, there certainly are a lot of obstacles to overcome.
Brook and Storm - I adored their little lovestory. I hope very much that there is still hope for them.
Anna's mysterious powers, her recurring memories of her year in captivity, the discovery of her true identity (that one I would have never guessed), all the different groups with their individual goals - I simply loved getting behind all these mysteries.

When I started reading this sequel, I seriously considered giving up on this series. I'm glad I read on, just as I've done with "Eternal Night", and I want more of the world of the mages, more of the drama, more of bittersweet love, more mysteries to be solved.

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Rezension zu "Eternal Night (The Fates of Betrayal Book 1)" von Alayna Ravenwood

A very complex story that intrigued me
Artemis_25vor 2 Jahren

„Eternal Night“ has been a rollercoaster ride for me of confusing parts and ones that thrilled me.
The book starts with a short prologue which has made me very curious about the things to come. I instantly wanted to find out who it was that was chasing poor Anna, who killed her mum and why. Soon after we come to know that Anna has a memory gap of an entire year, starting right after the day she has lost her mother in such a brutal way. She only remembers the initials of a special school her cousin Brook is attending, Nightfall Academy. Very suspicious, but the only hint she has got. I was very excited then because I really like mysteries, especially when there is the opportunity to do some investigation of my own while reading. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed in that matter. There is plenty of opportunity there because it is quite difficult to decipher the single figure’s motives, to see who is evil and who is not and of course there is the vast space in between the two extremes which can mostly be found in Blake.
The characters in general were very fascinating even though I didn’t like them all, understandably. But that has only to do with simple antipathy and not with the author lacking in the creating complex characters department. That is something she is actually quite good at. I like that none of them is perfect because which human being really is?
Now to the confusing bits.
In the beginning the world of the mages can be very puzzling. There are the royals with all their princes and such and at first I didn’t quite get who was related to who and to which city they belonged. And then there were the blood mages, too, that had to fit into the whole picture as well. You will have to be patient here. The little snippets of information can be frustrating but I can tell you that it is worth it to struggle your way through the confusing parts. Most of it will make sense in the end.

The complexity of the story as a whole has impressed me greatly. There still are some mysteries waiting to be solved and of course I want to know how the lovestory between Blake and Anna is going to develop. I want to believe that there is hope for them. They deserve to be happy after all the cruel things that already happened to them and still might. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. As this story appeared to me as a mixture of Harry Potter and Vampire Academy with a good helping of royalty, I would recommend this book to those people who enjoyed the aforementioned books.


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