Alayna Ravenwood Remnant (The Fates of Betrayal)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Remnant (The Fates of Betrayal)“ von Alayna Ravenwood

Struggling to understand the complex reasons behind Blake’s unscheduled departure from her life, Anna joins Jaden and Roslyn in the Realm. After months of training and honing her skills to become distinguished amongst the Roran Mage Force, Anna discovers a shocking secret about her past. This information pushes her to what she has been yearning for since she got there—to flee the Kingdom of Roran. Her journey takes her across the Realm of Valyria through war and cursed lands. This journey will not be without sacrifice. Anna is forced to adapt as loss becomes a recurring part of life. Changed and driven, she seeks understanding of the mysterious magic that only she can sense. In an effort to understand the power within, she must recover the memories of her missing year—memories which will change her forever. However, Anna is not the only one with a past to be revealed. With their lives in tatters, the remnants are all that remain.

Why couldn't the story have started as intriguing as it turned out to be in the end?

— Artemis_25
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  • Again, a difficult start to get into the story, but after that - amazing

    Remnant (The Fates of Betrayal)


    19. June 2017 um 10:35

    Ah, why always the confusion in the first part of the books? It's frustrating and completely unnecessary because the second part of the story has been a pretty amazing read. I hope that the third installment of the series will be intriguing from the start. I don't know why it's so difficult to get into the story. I think I would have liked a more prominent guiding thread and smoother segues there. A more thorough introduction to the workings, customs and creatures of the Realm would have been nice, too, it came so abrupt when the situation called for it.The turning point clearly has been when a character returned I thought had died. I couldn't put down the book then. The bigger picture became clearer due to some revelations, connections to loose ends of the first book. I could see again that there is more to the story one might first think, all because of the many layers the characters reveal bit for bit. To discover what motivates them to do the things they do has been a lot of fun, something I enjoyed in "Eternal Night" as well.Sadly, there hasn't been that much Anna and Blake action. I still liked the yearning from afar. And the upcoming love triangle promises even more drama. I'm curious with whom, if at all, Anna will get together in the end and be happy with. Well, there certainly are a lot of obstacles to overcome.Brook and Storm - I adored their little lovestory. I hope very much that there is still hope for them.Anna's mysterious powers, her recurring memories of her year in captivity, the discovery of her true identity (that one I would have never guessed), all the different groups with their individual goals - I simply loved getting behind all these mysteries.When I started reading this sequel, I seriously considered giving up on this series. I'm glad I read on, just as I've done with "Eternal Night", and I want more of the world of the mages, more of the drama, more of bittersweet love, more mysteries to be solved.

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