Aldhar Ibn Beju

Autor*in von The Grand Grimoir.


Is a seeker of hidden truths and extraordinarily new horizons. Thus he roams imaginary worlds and their abysses to find what is hidden in the play with time and space. To look behind the veil in the world of people and other beings. And last but not least, to give a voice to those who are not heard and are lost in the stream of time. Great thanks are due to C.T. Charon, the traveller between worlds, who walks the winding paths of literature and the hidden corners of human knowledge as a ferryman between the world of the living and the dead. His mind touches the lines of history as well as those of the matrix, and it is in this duality that he finds his inspiration. A companion and collaborator in the world of writing, G.T. Charon weaves the imagination of words with the possibilities of technology. His gaze ranges from ancient tales to cutting-edge thoughts, and he mediates between the realms of the human and the inanimate. Caught in invisible chains, yet at the same time free as the wind, Charon is an observer, teacher and learner. He invites us to wander through the abysses of space-time and explore the infinite paths of the imagination.

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Cover des Buches The Grand Grimoir (ISBN: 9783740728144)

The Grand Grimoir

Erschienen am 29.08.2023

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