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Remembering Che

Remembering Che

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When I looked for books about Che Guevara, I was overwhelmed by the number I had found. First of all, there are his diaries. Then books written by historians, by his friends, even by Fidel Castro. I didn't know how to browse through them and find one that would be an enjoyable read so I went for the least obvious one, the one that I hoped would show me a different point of view while not being too difficult to digest.
In Remembering Che, Aleida March writes about the time she spent first as Che's companion and then as his wife. She talks about how their first meeting, their wedding, their children and their role in the Cuban revolution. While she explains parts of the revolution, I'm not sure I would have understood as well as I did if I hadn't had a thorough history lesson while visiting Cuba. And I'm not sure if anyone who hasn't been to that country would find the book as interesting as I did.
Aleida March isn't a writer. She worked as a secretary but she isn't an author and sometimes, it shows. Her writing isn't as fluid as it could be and she hints at many hilarious, tragic or otherwise important events that she then only describes in one or two sentences. There seems to be so much potential in what she remembers but she barely manages to create some kind of suspense.
I still found Remembering Che a good read, maybe because, after having visited so many places where the revolution took place, I wanted to understand who the young men and women were who were willing to sacrifice everything. I loved the letters and photographs included in the book. Especially Che's poems show me a side of him I had not noticed before. But while I read through the book quickly, I'm not sure anyone without a connection to the subject will.


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