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Inhaltsangabe zu „Make Yourself Happy, NOW!!“ von Alejandro Alvarez-Serrano

Book Description (312 words)
Author: Alejandro Alvarez-Serrano. Title: “¡Make Yourself Happy, NOW!”
Purpose: To Share Universal Laws that Deepen your Love for Everything in Life … And Make You Happy, ¡NOW!
Method: To Share Playing & to Play Sharing.

The book resumes half a century of investigation and fusion, of Archean Wisdom & neo-sciences. Alejandro, a “Human Evolution Agent”, created this Simple, Effective and Amusing Bio-applications… It Increases your Happiness Level, in a funnier way, easier, faster, and more efficiently!

¡It doesn’t matter your Age, Sex, Job or Hobby! These “Tickets to Happiness” (Bioapplications), give you an Easy Access to Advanced Neuro Technologies. Lots and lots of Users, have already become Happier! Be Happier Too, NOW! Not tomorrow, or at the end of your Life, ¡NOW!
¡Learn Playing and Play learning! How to do What, When?
Every day, every hour, every minute or every couple of seconds…
Alejandro has shared this tools in workshops and personal sessions in dozens of countries during almost a half century during his trip “80 Countries Around the World” (80 Weeks were not enough). Now he wants to share everything with its fantastic actualized effects.

“There are more books about the subject, than life time to read them. But I have fused, simplified and expanded, more than I thought I could do. You can Make Yourself Happy, NOW! I want to give back to the World, everything that allowed me to Learn about Happiness. During decades, I have combined, fused, integrated, y expanded, again and again what I have learned. From the 365 Tickets to Happiness, (“My Happiest Year”… in progress), here are the First 31 Tickets to Happiness.
¡You will Feel Much Happier, than Before!
¡You’ll Simplify and Improve your Mental Programs! I’d Love to Know your Opinion! (you’ll get another gift)
Sincerely, Alejandro Alvarez-Serrano”

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