Alessandra Hazard Just a Bit Wicked (Straight Guys Book 7)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Just a Bit Wicked (Straight Guys Book 7)“ von Alessandra Hazard

He's sure he'll never fall for a man... When it rains, it pours. After losing his prestigious job, Vlad discovers that his girlfriend has cheated on him. Angry and hurt, he's determined to find her lover and teach him a lesson. When he finds out that her lover is bisexual, it only makes him angrier. Raised by an extremely homophobic family, Vlad is convinced he's straight and holds nothing but contempt for people who aren't. But sometimes contempt and anger can turn into obsession, and then into something else entirely--something Vlad has always considered sick and wrong. He's sure he'll never fall for a homophobic bully... Sebastian is a successful English model who has always detested bullies. When a man shows up on his doorstep accusing him of sleeping with his girlfriend, Sebastian isn't interested in being a punching bag. However, provoking a homophobic man is probably not the best idea...or the safest. But then again, Sebastian has never been good at playing it safe. Things get a lot more complicated when Vlad has to bodyguard Sebastian. Can they stay professional? They can't. They bicker and fight, and they hate everything about each other. Now if only they could figure out how to keep their hands off each other. Publisher's warning: references to past bullying and minor character deaths, violence, homophobia, internalized homophobia, explicit content, hate sex, obsessive behavior. Although this book can stand alone, it is preferable to have read Roman and Luke's story, Just a Bit Ruthless.

Great! Love the series!

— Makaria
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  • Straight guys #7

    Just a Bit Wicked (Straight Guys Book 7)


    29. December 2016 um 17:08

    After reading the last part, I expected this book to be about Dominik and his live-in nearly-boyfriend, but not so much, as it seems. No loss, though, since this book was great. Vlad we knew already, but Sebastian is a new character. Althought Alessandra Hazard has nothing left to prove, she presents another very well-told story with a very detailed background for both main characters. I also love how the formerly introduced couples are always present. My joy seeing this book being published was equally great as my joy to having a kindle unlimited subscription at the moment. Also, I would love to read the book the author introduces at the end of this one, as its telling induces just the same kind of awe, but I had to discover I could find it nowhere on amazon just yet. Mournfully, I will add. 

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