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A quick, inspirational read for young football fans
blessedvor 5 Jahren

Defending the Line is the newest addition to the Zonderkidz biography series and tells the story of David Luiz, a world-class football player who was voted player of the year in 2010. Having made his debut in professional football as a teen, he has since become a star player whose faith and success inspire athletes and fans around the world. Fulfilling his childhood dream, David Luiz played for Brazil’s national football team, A Seleção, in this year’s FIFA World Cup. His story will motivate young readers aged 8-12 and provide parents, youth leaders and football coaches with an inspirational new hero.

At 112 pages, Defending the Line is a quick read. A glossary explains various football related terms but also a number of Portuguese expressions. Most of these are also explained within the text so that I didn’t actually need to use the glossary.

While there are several mentions of his faith throughout, I would have liked a few specific examples of how David Luiz’ life and career are fuelled by his faith. Having said that, I still think that the book will appeal to and inspire young football fans.


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