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A gorgeous, obsessive, billionaire alpha. A curvy, sassy bombshell from the wrong side of the tracks. Both virgins... When Becs and Bray make an arrangement, they have no idea what it will lead to - sexual desires and lust that cannot be contained. Will Bray let chaos rule his perfect world? Will Becs let love into her cold heart? Will Kindles ignite from the sexual heat? There's only one way to find out... Warning: Flaming Kindles may cause serious injuries. Please read responsibly.
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  • Probably my fave Alexa Riley book- so far

    The Virgin Duet


    28. July 2017 um 21:39

    3,25 StarsThis is probably my favorite book by Alexa Riley It wasn´t too short and not too long. I fell in love with both characters. I liked that Tink was different. She did her thing and was able to speak her mind. I loved how she turned his life upside down and "made him human" again. I also loved Bray. I could understand why he is/was the way he is/was and why he acted the way he did. What I also liked is that this book showed that communication is important. Especially when someone is as closed off as Bray. Most of the things he did were reasonable. But it also was that Tink couldn´t understand him and his behaviour, because she was clueless about the reasons. I mean they barely knew each other, so there was also that. The way the book started was amusing. The way Tink stormed into his office ...what she was wearing...what she did there :D That was a great scene!I loved that they both had their issues and that the book showed how they worked on that, how they spoke about it. I think everyone has their demons they fight and fear. They both had them and I really liked how they tried to overcome them and how they tried to help each other and just be there for one another. What I definitely liked was everything about the Fairy and Tinkerbell stuff. And pregnancies and babies are also always a plus :D The drama in there with Nico and also Sam...Yeah.. well it was a bit boring and also the scene with Nico and Hank at the end...predictable and too short. Wasn´t really a fan of how he kept her at home like a prisoner either. But, well...ok...There were a couple mistakes in it but more till the end. But in genereal I really think this is my fave book of them. I had no problems to build a connection with the characters and the developement of them was good too. I also think I liked this book more because there was (at first) more story and less sex. With the other books it always felt like it was just about the baby making and they were also too short. Therefore I think this is one of the reasons why I liked this book better than some of the others books by Alexa Riley :) Guess I have to watch for more stories by them that have around the same lenght like this book had/has :)

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