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Another great story set in Scotland (Quelle:'Flexibler Einband/29.08.2006')
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    Friends, Lovers, Chocolate


    You have to know what you're in for when you choose a novel by Alexander McCall Smith - especially concerning the "Isabel Dalhousie"- series! Okay, she is a philosopher and edits a review, and yes again, she comes upon unexpected and sometimes quite troubling events in the course of her daily life... but the result fits into no novelistic category I ever heard of. Some people might think this was a crime story - Isabel investigates, so to speak, into a rather macabre affair. The recipient of a heart transplant has begun to have strange dreams and visions. Has the donor of his new heart eventually been murdered? Isabel's curiosity is awakened, and she embarks on a detective voyage through Edinburgh and Scotland. She does not only "solve" the mystery, but also discovers several important truths about life, death and gratefulness. And about the ways in which people betray each other. But it is not a crime story, after all! The book is written much too smartly, deftly, with more than just one twinkling eye. Isabel has her inner discussions, she fails more than once, she disappoints people. But she is always in search of the truth! She is not a true detective, but a woman with a kind heart. That's an important difference! Secondly, there are other problems awaiting her in this book. As always, her niece Cat and her romantic entanglements constitute an important part of the story. It is different insofar in this book as Isabel finally admits to herself that she is secretly in love with Jamie, Cat's former boyfriend... At the same time, Isabel finds herself flirting with an elegant Italian, another unwanted lover of Cat... So is this "ChickLit"? No again! There is romance, and there are numerous relationships that need resolving, but... the focus of the Isabel Dalhousie books is simply quite different. All these events serve one purpose, and one purpose only: to give Isabel an opportunity to discuss moral dilemmas of all sorts, either within her own head, or with her housekeeper Grace. An enormously likeable character, by the way! Even though Grace is, at times, a bit pragmatic. But for me, Grace is the "secret hero" of these books. Followed closely by Jamie, Isabel's "best friend"... I would describe this book as a "philosophical novel with romantic and criminalistic elements". Ideas are discussed, strange situations are resolved, people have to face up to difficult situations. The "story" as such is negligible, in my view. And above all - Alexander McCall Smith writes such beautiful English, it is simply a joy to read! In every chapter I underlined at least one passage because it was so beautifully written, or so deeply wise. I'd recommend this book to people who want to relax with an elegantly written tale, but who have time for pausing and thinking. And who do enjoy beautiful language. Crime fans and romance addicts - hands off.

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    Friends, Lovers, Chocolate


    09. September 2012 um 19:48

    Ein prätentiöser "Frauenkrimi", der auf leichte Art unterhalten will und trotzdem so tut als sei er hoch intellektuell und würde philiosophische Themen verarbeiten. Dabei vergisst der Autor auch noch häufiger den roten Faden und verliert sich in Nebensträngen, die am Ende nicht relevant sind. Wie man sich schon denken kann, ist dies kein Buch, das ich empfehlen würde, aber man kann es trotzdem ganz gut in einem Zug durchlesen.

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