Alexandra Fuller [ LEAVING BEFORE THE RAINS COME ] by Fuller, Alexandra ( Author ) Jan-2015 Hardcover


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Inhaltsangabe zu „[ LEAVING BEFORE THE RAINS COME ] by Fuller, Alexandra ( Author ) Jan-2015 Hardcover“ von Alexandra Fuller

I normally don't read non-fiction, but this was an excepion. However, it was a bit boring, though interesting in other parts.

— Cattie
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  • Boring and interesting - Non-Fiction about a childhood in Africa

    [ LEAVING BEFORE THE RAINS COME ] by Fuller, Alexandra ( Author ) Jan-2015 Hardcover


    11. September 2015 um 19:18

    I normally don't read non-fiction, but I won "Leaving before the rains come" in a giveaway and then was interested in the book. Author Alexandra Fuller writes about her childhood in Africa and her life in the USA nowadays. She describes growing up on a farm and her dull life with husband and children and there is a connection in between all these different parts of her life, however I would have liked a more visible golden thread. It felt all a bit jumbled, but I suppose it was constructed with great care. I never understood how people can write about their lives and share them with the whole world. Marriage problems, job problems, family problems. I wouldn't want everyone I know to find out about that, so I have respect for Fuller for sharing her life and experiences with us readers.  The whole book is overshadowed by a negative atmosphere and in the end it comes to a climax. I guess writing about her experiences must have been some kind of therapy for Fuller. She seems to take it all better than she probably has.  The parts I really found interesting were the ones where Fuller describes her life in Africa. It's completely different from growing up in Europe and that's the only life I've ever known.  The rest was rather boring for me. I think other people's problems and lives can be interesting, but it was all too far away from me. Even fiction seems to be nearer than the life of a woman who lives just in another country. And I don't mean this as criticism, it's just a fact. As I've never been one for non-fiction, this might just not be my kind of book. I give 3 stars and hope that other readers can enjoy the book more than I did.

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