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Cover des Buches Finding Flynn (Marlowe Book 1) (ISBN: B012LJ89MS)

Finding Flynn (Marlowe Book 1)

Erschienen am 25.07.2015

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Cover des Buches Finding Flynn (Marlowe Book 1) (ISBN: B012LJ89MS)
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Every girl should have a Flynn of her own....
IraWiravor 8 Jahren

This was a really sweet read that I very much enjoyed reading. Flynn and Ashtyn are amazing characters and I really loved the way their story developed. Despite their instant attraction you never feel that it is too soon, too intense, too whatever - you just feel that they are absolutely right together.

Following their ups and downs, their doubts, their fights, you just know that they belong together no matter what happens. Then tragedy strikes and things get rough...

Actually, every girl should find her Flynn because he is not just gorgeous but also loyal, kind, rather determined and - well, he even knows how to cook, could you resist such a guy?

I liked the other characters as well, espescially the other members of the band and the way they stick together and watch out for each other. The way they care for each other shows how much their band feels like a family to them. being familiy doesn't stop them from fighting and competing but in the end they are there when they are needed and that's what really counts.

This book is a light and easy read that has an interesting story even though there are not many unexpected developements or surprising twists and turns but it is well spun and really enjoyable.

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