Alison Goodman The Dark Days Club: A Lady Helen Novel


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Inhaltsangabe zu „The Dark Days Club: A Lady Helen Novel“ von Alison Goodman

Historisch nicht schlecht, leider etwas langatmig.

— Nicks
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    The Dark Days Club: A Lady Helen Novel


    01. June 2016 um 12:22

    I went into the read with basically no expectations at all and at the same time hopes set high. Yet I feel conflicted still as to whether I´m joyous or disappointed. The Dark Days Club has much to offer and yet I have to ask myself… Is it enough?Well, what´s the problem then? I´m glad you asked. Obviously, the writing was good. The thing I probably liked best was the similarity with a Jane Austen novel. Contrary to other books of the genre the spirit of time and society is preserved and captured quite accurately. Meaning, basically, that although Helen gets caught up into the world of evil souls suckers, balls, (wedding) bells and best behavior are still more important to her. A girl has to look after her options, after all. As a lady you just don´t meet strange men alone, you don´t disobey your elders and you don´t jump at every chance to proof yourself a hero. Yet you are certainly allowed to have your own thoughts and talk them freely and maybe an equally intelligent male then will see the treasure he just found. Helen is witty, sharp tongued and self confident- just as we love our heroines - but she doesn´t forget her place in society. So yes, I really liked the closeness to historical truths. Still, as enchanting as the fact is, the story was slow. Hardly anything happened in the beginning and even when we finally got some action, it dragged a bit. You see the conflict? What about the other characters, you ask? Those I honestly liked. Especially Aunt Leonore combined the best traits of Mrs. Bennet and Mrs. Weasley in such a sweet way, I felt sorry for her the most in the end. The rest of the set fit the story and the setting just as fine. From honor and customs are everything Uncle to You´re weird but I love you anyway brother and I´m even more loyal than the most loyal dog lady´s maid they all play their roles to perfection. Honestly now, is the romance worth mentioning? Actually, it is. Mainly, because the story features a love triangle I don´t want to carve my eyes out over. Since you probably already guessed from the synopsis, who the main love interest is, there won´t be any surprise, right? HaHa! Not only is the romance really subtle and slow (Helen doesn´t even think of anything until the last third), it also stays true to her character and the general flow of the story. Contrary to other Whom should I choose games we actually can´t decide on one of the guys. Both are honoralbe and obviously care for Helen, yet refrain from embarrassing, jealous driven acts. I felt so sorry for them in the end, since nobody deserved it. I guess I was quite content with everything, but I hope for a faster pace and development in the 2nd installment.

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