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Autor von Polished und Swept.

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Cover des Buches Swept (ISBN:9781508047216)


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Polished #2.
Lonechastesoulvor 2 Jahren

Swept is the follow up stand alone to Polished. It can technically be read as a stand alone but I definitely recommend reading Polished first. It will help to understand the background of these characters.
The connection between the characters is what made this story fantastic.

In Swept, we see both Rory and Jack having issues that they have to deal with and Spencer trying to hold his family together. With their upcoming nuptials, Rory has to tell her parents the truth about who Jack really is. He isn’t just an experiment for her and Spencer. He is a part of them. And Jack has issues that he is facing with his business which causes him to loose focus when it comes to his relationship. While Spencer is trying to understand what is going on he is also trying to keep them together. He feels like he is losing Jack which in turn also affects Rory and he will not let that happen.

This is a great romance, with flawed yet loving characters, and a series of roadblocks to happiness that must be overcome to reach the happy ever after they all want and deserve. I enjoyed the first book of this series, Polished, and this one is just as good.


Rezension zu "Polished" von Alyssa Turner

Lonechastesoulvor 2 Jahren

“Then we'll all go to the movies or go bowling. Something normal people do."
"Because we're so normal, right?"
He raised his hand high and let the first crack of his palm rain down on her ass. "This is our normal. It's the only normal that matters.”

Rory and Spencer are an established couple. They've been together 3 years. They in love  and that doesn't change, but Spencer has a secret that is holding him back from popping the question.

Rory is no dummy. She's well aware of Spencer's "secret", but she's having a hard time finding a way to address it without freaking Spencer out.

Enter Jack.

Jack is very prickly, truth be told. He comes across as an entitled brat born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is exceptionally good at manipulating people and a self proclaimed "man whore". Underneath all the bravado he struck me as lonely and isolated.

The characters are realistic and believable, honest, sweet, caring, and hot. The issues are not superficial, and I was proud of all three main characters for handling each other so well. I was completely engaged through the whole book, and wanted more when it ended.


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