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Cover des Buches Too Hard to Forget (ISBN: 9781509209361)

Too Hard to Forget

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Cover des Buches Too Hard to Forget (ISBN: 9781509209361)
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Too rushed towards the end
IraWiravor 7 Jahren

Phew, it wasn't easy to decide on the number of stars for this book.
On the one hand I really enjoyed rading it and seldom put it down but on the other hand I was a bit frustrated in the end.
It just felt as if the end was a bit rushed and, well, there wasn't really a need or a logical explanation for the action that lead to the events in France in the last part of the book (okay, if you don't count the stupidity and illogical reasoning that seem to be a part of being in love as a reason...). Apart from that, this whole part left me rather dissatisfied. I felt that the book should have been longer and the part about France and the events there more detailed to lessen the feeling of it being rushed.

I really enjoyed reading about Nicole and I loved to see how Brandon and her got closer and I could have kicked him sometimes (a lot) when he was stupid and arrogant and of course, people like Nicole's former fiancé and Brandon's former mistress are people that are easy to loathe - so all in all I liked the book and I know that I'll read it again despite my problems with the last part.
Even despite the last part, it would have been four stars instead of three if the hero and the heroine didn't have the tendency of talking to themselves in their mind that got a bit on my nerves. It doesn't happen all the time but too often for my liking.

Apart from that the book is well written and captivating which made it difficult for me to decide on the number of stars but in the end I remembered my feeling of ...I guess, deflation is the right word here...when I read the last part and settled on three stars.

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