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Inhaltsangabe zu „the princess saves herself in this one“ von Amanda Lovelace

This poetry collection is honest, sad and full of wise words about families, mermaids and feminism.

— Cattie
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    the princess saves herself in this one


    15. September 2016 um 18:09

    If you do not like poetry ...... then you should read this collection.Of course, if you love poetry, you should read it as well.To be honest, I never really got the hang of poetry. There are a couple of poems I like a lot and others I cannot see any sense in. However, poetry is (way more than any other kind of literature) more personal and a way of the authors to come to terms with certain aspects of their life. Poetry is not about rhyming words, metres and pronounciation. Poetry does not have to be read aloud to reveal its intention. Poetry can do well without rhymes, rhythms and cadence. Poetry can work with a visual array on the paper.And this is what Amanda Lovelace does.She has put a lot of her heart and soul into this poetry collection. In this case, the author IS the lyrical I. Amanda is the princess that became a damsel, only to be crowned as the queen, making her who she is now. As it turns out, life can be hard on us, but we just have to make do with what we have And when you were born a princess, obviously you will be queen someday. We as the readers can project this change onto ourselves as well. Finding one's way and purpose in life is something many people struggle with and even if everybody lives a different life, some things do not change. Death can seperate and unite families, some loves shall not last, and written words can be our saviours.On the one hand, I often felt like an intruder reading about the author's feelings. On the other hand, I admire her for being so brave and making them public for everyone to read.Studying two languages and their literature, I have come in contact with quite a lot of poems over the last year (also because I attended a course called "poetry of the present". None have moved me as much as the poems from The Princess Saves Herself in This One did.The collection reads fast, if you do not have to stop and think about what you have just read after each page. I further believe that the poems are so easy to read, because they are easy to understand, at least for me. Many of the aspects mentioned are familiar to me and I was glad that they were now put into words to be shared and talked about.Nevertheless, the final touch was missing for me. Which is a good thing, because now my expectations are high, but they can be exceeded which would make me even more happy than I already am having read this collection of poems. I am very excited for Amanda's next work and hope the princess then will slay some villains.

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