Amy Field HISTORICAL ROMANCE: MAIL ORDER BRIDES: Passions From The Past Collection (Regency Western Royalty Duchess Romance) (Victorian Frontier Arranged Marriage Romance)


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Inhaltsangabe zu „HISTORICAL ROMANCE: MAIL ORDER BRIDES: Passions From The Past Collection (Regency Western Royalty Duchess Romance) (Victorian Frontier Arranged Marriage Romance)“ von Amy Field

++ READ THIS COLLECTION OF HISTORICAL ROMANCE STORIES ON KINDLE UNLIMITED FOR FREE! ++ This collection contains four beautiful and entertaining romantic stories from the past. Download now and enjoy! The Duchess Runaway: In age of arranged marriages, Lady Eleanor must follow the wishes of her father and marry the much older and uncaring Earl of Southerland. With no way out of the upcoming wedding to Lord Southerland, in what cruel ways will fate intervene to ensure Eleanor's happiness while maintaining her allegiance to her family traditions? Download this riveting and inspiring story of honor, love and hope among the aristocracy during the glory days of England! ++++ The Earl’s Runaway Bride: Meet Wesley Pendleton, the seventh Earl of Winchester, a no-nonsense aristocrat with serious business and little time for frivolities. But time has come for him to find a wife, and in keeping with his straightforward ways he has arranged to be married to Melanie, the daughter of Lord Seaborn, without laying an eye on her. Done and dusted! But then a series of events puts all his carefully laid plans in jeopardy. He can't make his wedding day! But that's no problem, he'll simply arrange a proxy, a stand-in, until he has time to attend to this niggly matter. ... or are things really that simple? ++++ Charity: Seth Bernstein is a handsome frontier rancher, happily living alone on his homestead, much to the chagrin of the girls in town, who would give anything to become Mrs Seth Bernstein. Seth's docile existence on his farm with his psyhic, dry-humoured right-hand man Jonesy changes forever when a letter arrives for them in the mail, announcing the arrival of the young and pretty Charity, who secretly steals Seth's heart. But Charity carries a dark secret with her that soon threatens to ruin both her and Seth's lives. Who is the dark stranger that arrives unexpectedly on Seth's doorstep, and how far will he go to ruin their lives? +++++ Martha is the mother of three and wife to a good man, Mathew. They're obedient, God-fearing Amish folk. She's happy, she tells herself. Then a stranger from a long time ago returns to the community, and Martha's carefully organised world is turned upside down. Throw into the mix the troublemaker gossip, Anne, and Martha has to make some very, very difficult decisions. Download and enjoy this enjoyable collection of heartwarming stories now!
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