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  • Beautiful and captivating

    The Time Traveler's Christmas (Guardian of Scotland Book 3)


    04. October 2016 um 18:17 Rezension zu "The Time Traveler's Christmas (Guardian of Scotland Book 3)" von Amy Jarecki

    Well, it is a story about christmas and as christmas has its own magic, I won't think too long about some of the (very rare, admittedly) slightly mystic parts. Considering the fact, that this is a book about timetravel no further thinking is necessary, I guess, especially as the mystic parts make some things right that I have had a big problem with in other books, soooo.... Alright, I won't tell more, you'll just have to read and see for yourself! I really really liked this book and couldn't put it down. Its story is rather ...

  • Gripping and enjoyable

    The Valiant Highlander (Highland Defender Book 2)


    20. July 2016 um 23:10 Rezension zu "The Valiant Highlander (Highland Defender Book 2)" von Amy Jarecki

    I really liked this book. It has an interesting and somewhat unusual plot and what I loved best - it has strong characters. Both, the hero and the heroine are amazing and even though it is not that unusual as an idea it is nice to see how the very proper, very arrogant Sir Donald MacDonald, Baronet of Sleat falls for the not very proper but very courageous Mary of Castleton who can shoot better than many men and who doesn't care for proper etiquette.Of course it all starts with an abduction - or rather with a competition. Or a ...

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