Ana Munroe Alpha Bond: Part 1


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Inhaltsangabe zu „Alpha Bond: Part 1“ von Ana Munroe

With the sudden loss of her father, Modar, the Alpha of the Lotus pack, Galina is forced to step into the Alpha role in order to protect her aging mother and young sisters. For decades the Lotus pack has played meditator between the Medina pack of the forest and the Galzar pack in the surrounding mountains. With Modar dead, the Alphas of the two packs circle the Lotus den. Vadim, the darkly impulsive Alpha of the Medina pack is legendary for both his sexual prowess and his hunting skill. Lothar, the gruff, yet fiercely-loved Alpha of the Galzar pack is striking for his thick muscles and mountain-man demeanor. Both Alphas assume that Galina will simply fall into line and join one of their packs. Galina, fresh from the pain of losing her father, refuses to acquiesce easily. In an unexpected move, she insists on bonding to one of the Alphas. In doing so, she'll become second-in-command and ensure the protection of the Lotus pack. Furious, the Alphas agree to court her though it goes against their very nature. Should Galina refuse to choose an Alpha in time, Vadim and Lothar will fight to the death and a pack war will commence. Alpha Bond: Part One is a deliciously naughty 15,000 word werewolf/BBW romance story. It is the first story in the Alpha Bond series, following Galina's efforts to prevent an all-out pack war by coupling with the Alphas of both packs. The series is suggested for a mature audience and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
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