SCENT OF A CLAIM (Emily, Roman, Dalton Book One) (Raw River Wild)

von Ana W. Fawkes
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SCENT OF A CLAIM (Emily, Roman, Dalton Book One) (Raw River Wild)
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SCENT OF A CLAIM (Emily, Roman, Dalton Book One) (A Raw River Wild Book) ~*~ Emily hates her curvy body, but that's the least of her worries after she is not only eye humped by one sexy alpha and literally crashes into a second one. Both are part of the Raw River Wild pack... they're big, bold, and they're shifters. Emily's body quickly loses control to fantasies that don't seem possible... that is, until a knock at her door makes it all - and more - possible. It's the chance to have a night she'll never forget, if only she's willing to fully submit. With her wrists tied to a bed, she's off to a great start. But what Emily doesn't know is the war she's started... and the alpha who's going to taste her first isn't the one she thought would be. ---> READY FOR MORE? BOOK TWO NOW AVAILABLE! <--- ~*~ Ana W. Fawkes is the author of several bestselling series including: * The billionaire erotic romance serial - BY HIS COMMAND * The paranormal romance series featuring bikers who are werewolves - FULL MOON MERCY * The edgy and gritty erotic romance series - WITH THE ROCKSTAR * The intense and wild MC romance - DEVIL CALL MC Don't miss out on *new releases* *excerpts* *cover reveals* and some great *contests* ... sign up for the *official* Ana W. Fawkes newsletter RIGHT NOW:


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