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Anderson Rodrigues de Miranda was born in Brazil. He is currently living in Minnesota, US. He is married to Barbara Lopes de Miranda, who has been an important helper and supporter of his life as a writer. They both grew in a Christian family, learning the teachings of the Bible earlier in life. After getting married, Barbara and Anderson helped in different activities at the church his great-grand father founded, in 1933, in the city of Joinville, Santa Catarina. They learned in practical ways the questions and concerns of the new generation. He holds a bachelor in sciences of accounting, is finishing his bachelor's studies in theology, and has a special interest in apologetics. He learned English through the Bible, the same way he improved his writing skills in his mother language, Portuguese. Philosophy, History, Psychology, Theology and Politics are his favorite topics. He believes the Bible covers them all and can be thoroughly applied in every single area of our lives. Even though working as an auditor in one of the biggest companies in the world for almost 10 yeas, he preaches, teaches, and has a special passion for God's word and its practical lessons.

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