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Ein wundervolles Buch mit einer klaren, sehr reinfühlsamen Geschichte zum Thema Ausgrenzung mit ebenso tollen Bildern


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  • Andrea Hannah - Of Scars and Stardust

    Of Scars and Stardust


    28. December 2015 um 10:16

    Two loving sisters. The elder, Claire, has promised always to take care of beaming and lovable Ella. But after her birthday party, she sends the girl home, alone in the night. The next morning, she finds her heavily violated, almost dead. Claire is sent away to secure her sister’s healing process and to get away from the wolves she seems to perceive everywhere and who are responsible for Ella’s accident. But two years later, Claire still suffers from psychic disturbances and when Ella vanishes, she need to return to her hometown where things are not anymore what they were. Claire wants to find her sister, but at the same time she has to confront an inconvenient truth about her family. What I expected to be mainly a teen or new adult novel turns out to be a psychological thriller which plays with reality and the different perceptions of perceiving it. Throughout the novel you can never be sure if the narrator, who happens to be the protagonist, tells the truth, if what she sees and feels is what the other characters also notice or if she willingly or reluctantly invents everything. This play with truth creates a lot of suspense and it takes until the very last pages until you can make sense of what you read, before you have lots of traces and red herrings which keep you from quickly seeing through it all. Andrea Hannah’s writing is full of suspense and she created a protagonist who acts in a very authentic way.