IT LIVES: African Horror Story

von Angel Berry 
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IT LIVES: African Horror Story
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A sinking pirate ship... Three friends returning home from a fishing trip find what they first believe to be an abandoned ship. Curious and hoping to find forgotten treasure, they climb aboard the vessel only to discover that the entire crew has been murdered. Believing that they've stumbled upon the remains of a robbery at sea, they flee the boat with an old, rusted metal trunk, convinced that it contains gold. After carrying the trunk home to their village, they are informed by a local witch that its contents are cursed and they are ordered to carry it back to the sea. Skeptical about the village's belief that the trunk contains evil spirits and reluctant to part with what they believe to be a valuable find, they secret the trunk away and pry it open, releasing an insidious evil. A short tale from the anthology "Horror Classics"


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    misspidervor einem Jahr
    Intriguing ideas, but poorly assembled

    'It lives' is a short story, but it contains ideas worthy at least of a novella-length book. The result is a crammed book almost resembling a hoarder's home, where each nook and cranny is filled with stuff. However, it requires some careful handling and most of all some 'in-between' lines to fill the gaps. And that is exactly what I missed in this book; it read like a brainstorm listing of definitely intriguing concepts, but lacked the transitions to put them into one smooth whole.

    (Thanks to librarything, the author, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)


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