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Fun and quirky
Sakukovor einem Jahr

Kyle is a detective in the precinct of misfit paranormal cops. Kyle borrows the abilities of people nearby, with little control over them.
He gets partnered with the newest member, cool, controlled Vikash, who makes bad things happen, when he gets angry.
The search for a river-side killer keeps the partners busy, but outside of the job they find themselves attracted to each other.

This is a really quirky and fun book.
You have a whole precinct full of detectives with paranormal abilities and mythological creatures. Just that all their abilities aren't that...useful. You have a telekinetic who can only teleport fruit, a fire starter who needs very dry climate to make any fire, a wolf stuck in human form, a vampire who can only drink skimmed blood and is weakened because of it.
Since it's a rather short book, the worldbuilding isn't very extensive, but the curious characters you meet are just very interesting and awesome. There is a lot of potential there, and plenty more parts to explore.
I adore the MCs. Kyle (Kirby) is a rather mouthy, snarky redhead while Vikash is very quiet and controlled with an odd sense of humor. I really liked both of them and I thought they work very well together, though their relationship is still kinda at the beginning at the end of the book, but it's distinctly HFN see-where-it-leads territory.
I though there where a few too many characters in it. I got confused with all the detectives, since first names, last names and nicknames are used at different times and I could never quite keep straight who could do what. A short dramatis personae might have helped wit that.

The book doesn't take itself seriously, luckily. It's a lot of fun, full of weird situations and odd people, that made me curious for more.


Rezension zu "Brandywine Investigations: Open for Business by Angel Martinez (2016-04-24)" von Angel Martinez

Greek gods and the guys who love them.
Sakukovor einem Jahr

This is a collection of three stories. After Persephone divorces Hades, he comes to the human world and starts a private investigation firm (though really, he just investigates what he wants).
In the first book the investigates a string of murders on homeless men.
In the second one he investigates fallen angels suddenly turning evil.
In the third one he helps Hermes find a jewelry thief.

Though, frankly, there isn't all that much investigating going on. It's mostly just relationships and gods and other supernatural being fighting. Not that that is bad, but if you expect proper PI plotlines, this is not the book for that.

I did enjoy the cast of the books. Hades and Charon, and all the other greek gods taken to the modern times are fun and diverse.
I thought the relationship building is always a bit too fast. Where talking about gods here, been living forever, and than they jump from attraction to love in 2-3 days. Seems awfully hectic.
Also, there never seems to be a good reason for them to be attracted. I mean, Hades takes in Tiberius, because he thinks he might be a target, they barely get to know each other and suddenly it's love. The third book is similar: Hermes is instantly attracted to Fafnir, because Dragon, and that's enough too.

But all in all I did enjoy the books quite a bit. They are well written and funny, the action scenes are enjoyable and the plot composition works.

I thought the second one was the weakest. It's a bit of a mess, greek gods, biblical angels, Sumerian goddess and a recreation of the Gilgamesh epos, just that I couldn't figure out what it had to do with Gilgamesh at all. Seemed a really far-fetched excuse for a motivation.


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