Lime Gelatin and Other Monsters (Offbeat Crimes Book 1)

von Angel Martinez 
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Lime Gelatin and Other Monsters (Offbeat Crimes Book 1)
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Quirky fun with a slew of odd paranormal detectives as well as a sweet romance

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Book 1 in the Offbeat Crimes series

Kyle Monroe, his irritating new partner and their fellow freaks at the 77th Precinct must learn to work together to stop a vicious murderer that might not even be human.

Kyle Monroe’s encounter with a strange, gelatinous creature in an alley leaves him scarred and forever changed, revealing odd abilities he wishes he didn’t have and earning him reassignment to a precinct where all the cops have defective paranormal abilities.

Just as he’s starting to adjust to his fellow misfit squad mates, Kyle’s new partner arrives. Tall, physically perfect, reserved and claiming he has no broken psychic talents, Vikash Soren irritates Kyle in every way. But as much as he’d like to hate Vikash, Kyle finds himself oddly drawn to him, their non-abilities meshing in unexpected ways. If they can learn to work together, they might be able to stop the mysterious killer who has been leaving mutilated bodies along the banks of the Schuylkill.

About Angel Martinez

The unlikely black sheep of an ivory tower intellectual family, Angel Martinez has managed to make her way through life reasonably unscathed. Despite a wildly misspent youth, she snagged a degree in English Lit, married once and did it right the first time, (same husband for almost twenty-four years) gave birth to one amazing son, (now in college) and realized at some point that she could get paid for writing.

Published since 2006, Angel's cynical heart cloaks a desperate romantic. You'll find drama and humor given equal weight in her writing and don't expect sad endings. Life is sad enough.

She currently lives in Delaware in a drinking town with a college problem and writes Science Fiction and Fantasy centered around gay heroes.


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    Sakukovor 7 Monaten
    Kurzmeinung: Quirky fun with a slew of odd paranormal detectives as well as a sweet romance
    Fun and quirky

    Kyle is a detective in the precinct of misfit paranormal cops. Kyle borrows the abilities of people nearby, with little control over them.
    He gets partnered with the newest member, cool, controlled Vikash, who makes bad things happen, when he gets angry.
    The search for a river-side killer keeps the partners busy, but outside of the job they find themselves attracted to each other.

    This is a really quirky and fun book.
    You have a whole precinct full of detectives with paranormal abilities and mythological creatures. Just that all their abilities aren't that...useful. You have a telekinetic who can only teleport fruit, a fire starter who needs very dry climate to make any fire, a wolf stuck in human form, a vampire who can only drink skimmed blood and is weakened because of it.
    Since it's a rather short book, the worldbuilding isn't very extensive, but the curious characters you meet are just very interesting and awesome. There is a lot of potential there, and plenty more parts to explore.
    I adore the MCs. Kyle (Kirby) is a rather mouthy, snarky redhead while Vikash is very quiet and controlled with an odd sense of humor. I really liked both of them and I thought they work very well together, though their relationship is still kinda at the beginning at the end of the book, but it's distinctly HFN see-where-it-leads territory.
    I though there where a few too many characters in it. I got confused with all the detectives, since first names, last names and nicknames are used at different times and I could never quite keep straight who could do what. A short dramatis personae might have helped wit that.

    The book doesn't take itself seriously, luckily. It's a lot of fun, full of weird situations and odd people, that made me curious for more.


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