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A family shrouded in mystery, an enchanting manor, shattered lives, a story of hatred and love…
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"Treveryan" is a superb gothic novel full of mystery and tragedy: Three siblings, Veryan, Bethel and Lerryn, grow up in the enchanting manor Treveryan in Cornwall, depending mostly on themselves because their parents do not seem to be very interested in spending time with them and they hardly ever see them. The mysterious death of their father and the strange behaviour of their mother hide a horrible family secret that will shatter more than one life...
Although the scenery would be perfect, the author bewitched me completely without having to fall back on the supernatural.
I have rarely developed so much love for figures of fiction and certainly never so much hatred for one of them as I did when reading this book. The depth of feelings it aroused in me was as amazing as it was frightening. I have felt very close to Bethel and though I thought Lerryn to be the more gentle and wiser one of the two sisters I am very much afraid that I would rather have followed Bethel’s path if I would have been in the sisters' situation…
The novel contains also a real love story. Love stories in modern books often annoy because they so often do not feel real, just two human beings unable to live on their own spending time with each other while all the time thinking only of themselves. But the feelings between Bethel and Oswald are real, without any selfishness. It was uplifting to read and lit a candle in the otherwise rather dark novel - and this despite all the sadness.
The novel is really spell-binding. Every time I thought that was it, it can never become more dramatic and I was astonished that there were still some pages left, the story took another thrilling turn... I have always loved Daphne du Maurier's work but this novel written by her sister is even more brilliant.


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