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Must Love Kilts: A Time Travel Romance

Must Love Kilts: A Time Travel Romance

Erschienen am 02.07.2016

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Must love these kilts!
IraWiravor 2 Jahren

This book was a really nice variation of the time travel motif.

Our less than glorious hero and heroine don't find each other, they kind of stumble upon each other when Traci and her sister Fiona travel back to 1689. Getting to know each other worked pretty quick for Traci and Ian at least... well.. you know.
Unfortunately Ian realizes too late that Traci is a Campbell. A Campbell - obviously at this time right before the first Jacobite uprising for those who didn't support King William, the name "Campbell", name of the most ferocious supporters of the protestant King William, was nothing that they wanted to hear and they definitely didn't want to host one of them....or two.

The two-part is the other problem. Not only does Traci have to jump back unexpectedly to today's Scotland after a night of far too much whisky and a (very nice) encounter with one of those hot guys in kilts but when she arrives there she realizes that her sister is missing. Or rather - she left her behind in 1689. Of course she travels back again Fiona. Setting out to find her is not really easy for someone whose experience with nature and the rough life is based completely on RPGs. Finding Ian is the first step but by far not the last....

I loved the chemistry of the hero and the heroine and I loved how they cared for each other and helped the other realize their own value. Both of them are insecure and hide behind their mask of carelessness all the time to prevent themselves from getting hurt. Finally, slowly, they start to see their own worth and their destiny.
It's up to you now to find out where this destiny will lead them - or rather "when"!
And I'm looking forward to find out what exactly happend between Fiona and Duncan! The end left me a bit curious...just a little bit, sure, but...well...I hope that the next book will be out soon!


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