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Angelika Sodian has observed it happen time and time again: mistaken preconceptions result in misunderstandings, leading to frustration and ultimately even failure in intercultural collaboration. With a Doctorate in Business Administration, the author and keynote speaker recognises the importance of bringing a realistic yet positive attitude to the development of European companies. Now she has made it her mission in life to share her own personal experiences and insights of doing business with the Middle Kingdom. Few others have the depth of relevant experience needed to truly comprehend the cultural differences between China and the West when it comes to driving businesses. Angelika spent many years in top management in the automotive sector, working with both Chinese and European companies and in both regions. Having founded her own company and assisted other entrepreneurs create theirs, she now helps European executives and entrepreneurs identify their routes to market through engaging lectures, training sessions and workshops. When not involved in this fulfilling pursuit, the native Austrian loves immersing herself in different cultures by travelling with her husband. She enjoys visiting locations with enchanting sea views and the occasional glass of fine wine. To learn more about Angelika please visit:

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